3 Cúiseanna Cén fáth Is maith liom Cardano!!! [Cryptocurrency Altcoin Review/ADA Deep Dive]

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Today I want to share with you my 3 reasons why I like Cardano [ADA]. Do you like Cardano? Are you invested? Let me know in the comments!

cosúil. Liostáil.

Link to video of Hoskinson breaking down Cardano:

IOHK | Cardano whiteboard; overview with Charles Hoskinson

***NOT financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research.

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3 Cúiseanna Cén fáth Is maith liom Cardano!!! [Cryptocurrency Altcoin Review/ADA Deep Dive]

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  1. Cardano’s team are the cream of the crop, which includes academicians and professors. ADA is for a long time keep. The man has a vision and he knows where he’s going. You’re very right he’s a Steve Job of the crypto world.

  2. físeán iontach. I like and own ADA. You should do a video on Stellar. Their partnership with IBM is huge. IBM will roll crypto out to large corporations that only trust IBM to consult and roll out new projects.

  3. ADA & NEM are both bright future coins. (Cant ever see ADA gaining more than $10 ever (ach 10 is awesome) and more like $2-$4 in the next few years) ach , I also like Cardano! I like all the reasons you state and more. Thank you for your video in highlighting awareness. We need everyone to buy in. Charles for President.

  4. you dont want to get Cardano over 15c” (9.36) – Thats nonsense. If you did not get it at the lowest point it means nothing. Hold for the long term. If you bought it for 15c or 50c means nothing. Hold and you will be rewarded. ADA will moon one day into several dollars +. (see EOS in the media? ADA will be where it is but without the mistakes),

  5. Yeah. Thats why I didn’t want to get in above 15c. Plenty of time for the price to settle.

  6. You cut my quote off. I said, “You don’t wanna get Cardano over 15c, at this time.

  7. I did a deep dive on Stellar. chomh maith leis sin, I talked about the Stellar IBM partnership. That was my most viewed video ever. Around 50k views, Ceapaim.

  8. debilnypes dedinsky they have a good project so this can be like three digits in few years!

  9. And now we have a newcomer Tezos! Just because it raised over 200 million in the ICO it can automatically be a top 20 criptithe. People were buying pre-launch coins on HITBTC for a whole year. What’s that song from the 80s, I think from Naked Eyespromises, promiseeeeeess

  10. How does the speed of Cardano compare to Digibyte To the average joe in the future Speed and Security will be the two most important aspects of a coin or currency, so lets see

  11. i will give you an example just from yesterday, i transferred some dgb and ethereum to tether in my coinomi mobile web wallet and dgb took about 2 mins to go through the exchange, and ethereum took around 10 mins, both done at same time

  12. Aontaím, great project for a longer term hold. Very few projects will make it in this space going forward. Cardano will be one of them that leads the blockchain space.

  13. when well be able to use our ADA in POS ? to make more ADA in our wallets ?? any one knows ?

  14. I am no crypto master,i can buy btc, trade it for other “boinn” and store itthats pretty much the extent of my crypto world and knowledge. A few months backi was buying ths hype of EOS and almost pulled the trigger, but read all these posts aboutregistering” comharthaí. I read up on it and it wasnt the easiest thing to dobeing brand new in crypto at the time, so i passed. Anois, im buying the cardano hype, hearing and reading about it over the last few months and considering the dip, i want to grab some, but now reading about wallet issues, dnlding full nodes, synching clocksagain not for avg joe computer dude. So whats my point…..if they stream lined all this and made it easier, i know a shitload of people would get into the space. I still cringe and pray to the internet gods everytime i transfer coins from exchange to my wallet, that it will go as planned and or my computer or power will cut off in the process. If things were a little easier, we’d all have more money….just saying

  15. Well said Zackit’s happening slowly but surely. So much has improved even from just a year ago.

  16. Thanks brothers. I already invested in ADA a few months back, but still learning new facts about it 👍🏻

  17. ADA! The current price of .15 cents is a GIVE AWAY! Cardano is Clearly the Apple of Crypto. It is lagging like Apple did in early 2000’s but has the strongest legs due it’s creative team headed by Charles Hoskinson (Etherium Co-founder) who put together the incredible 3rd generation technology with Cardano. They are in discussions with Google- If Google sees something in Cardano that should be a wake up call for people. Cuimhnigh- Apple would have never made a come back with out the come back of Steve Jobs. Well Charles Hoskinson is the Steve Jobs of Crypto- Clearly a creative Mathematician Genius. ADA is the biggest Sleeper Coin in the Alt Coin market today IMHO. $2 in a very reasonable 12-18 Month target. The number of coins will make it hard to get past $10 anytime soonbut perhaps 5 blianta…

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