3 Reason WHY I like Ontology!!! [Cryptocurrency Altcoin Review/ONT Deep Dive]

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Hey Team Daily Altcoin,
Today I wanted to give you 3 reasons WHY I like Ontology (ONT)! I think this cryptocurrency has a big future and I wanna share with you why.

cosúil. Liostáil.

ONT Dapps:

The Growing Ontology Ecosystem: Dapps and Partnerships in 2018 (So Far)

ONG Generation:

**Not Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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3 Reason WHY I like Ontology!!! [Cryptocurrency Altcoin Review/ONT Deep Dive]

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  1. there was a big hype around ONT but when you see what they want to get into,its just too muchthey want to get in every field possible. Kind of scares me a bit

  2. Dominique Van de Vyver not positive. I left a link in the description below. It might be on there.

  3. Great show!
    Sold my ONT @ the High. But I’m getn back in. Prices are lookn good.
    Thanks bro!

  4. Yeah these kind of things usually turn into crap. For the same reason I didn’t want to invest in Elastos.

  5. Hey I got some ONTok thanks.. now I know what it can doI really should do more research before buying stuffI also have ICX and Zilliqaoh and Aelfout of these four, what is the best one?

  6. they have a tiny network fee, 10x’s quicker trades than btc + they are working on their own trading platform to be released in early 2019 that will have loads of benefits for people who trade with nyc. Its super cheap atm so its worth even a small investment.

  7. yeah i guess, you should do some investigation at 0.00005867 usd its a nice hodl if nothing else

  8. My question why these problems can’t be solved using traditional database system or Amazon web services. Problems mentioned here that ont is solving can very well be solved using centralised database system and it is also faster than a block chain.

  9. Big corporations and government can solve these problems, but with power comes corruption. Blockchain allows these problems to be solved in a totally decentralized, transparent way. Plus, in 2nd and 3rd world countries where money and power are not as stable, they need blockchain more than ever.

  10. Altcoin Daily Thanks for the explanation, But does ONTs dbft means only handful of nodes run the consensus algorithm and in a way it is centralisation and the need to trust those nodes to function properly. In case of EOS, they have very disturbing trend of changing banning reversing transactions at the whim of 21 block producers. By the way I own a bag of ont 😉.

  11. +Nerdy Ninja explain yourself right now. You clearly stated that you have athingagainst ONT. Therefore you are already biased in the sense of spewing out hate towards the project. Yet you don’t back up any of it with solid evidence. All you had to say was that it contradicts everything YOU think is the future of blockchain. If you fail to elaborate than you fail at winning this argument.

  12. whats the point of investing if your going to try time the market? your gonna lose in the end. If your going to invest you have to hold it for 5 chun 10 years to make any money. until bitcoin goes under the price of gold the whole market is to expensive. It was manipulated up by chinese using tether. These are not the real value of these crypto coins. They don’t have billion dollar caps. They don’t even have a business yet. And a lot of these crypto companies since you guys like technology are incorporating fiat into their ecosystem so people don’t have to use the crypto coins. That is what will destroy the market in the end as each company wants franchises to jump into the ecosystem and they let them use fiat. Its just a few lines of coding to add fiat in. They dn’t care if your a holder either. They only care about these companies using their products. Its just amazing people think prices are good in a market that was manipulated up for the last 2 years and now regulators are doing a crack down putting these ppeople in prison right now.

  13. you made a mistake : you said it’s not going to skyrocket as much because of the high supply : WRONG. I remind you that going from $5,000 chun $10,000 & dul ó $1 chun $2 is exactly the same profit : +100%

  14. It’s apx $1.00 right now, but serious talk Bitcoin is heading down under $4,000 still, should I wait?
    and try and get it for 0.50 cents USD?

  15. Do you think is a good time to invest in ontology right now? Or will go to zero? Thanks for the video

  16. +Altcoin Daily You will find the hard way…..people who bought at 150 $ sure didnt sell at 20 $ than 15 $ than 10 $ than 5$ …simple math it was the NEO team

  17. As of writing this ontology is about to take off again. Looking at the volume it should go to about $2 I’m hoping. I got screwed two years ago and cashed out at $2. I’m holding all the way up to $300 this time.

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