$3.5 BILLION SCAM CRASHING BITCOIN?😱Don’t be manipulated! Litecoin Update + Metahash Review

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More about Metagather: http://metagather.org
Ivan’s Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8E8pkVvdGg

Intro: 0:00
Fear & Greed: 1:00
3.5B Hack: 2:20
Bull Case: 5:40
Bezos Interview: 7:45
Litecoin Update: 11:45
MetaHash review: 18:26

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$3.5 BILLION SCAM CRASHING BITCOIN?😱Don't be manipulated! Litecoin Update + Metahash Review

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Cruthaithe ag Sara Bauer agus Richard Abermann

29 tuairimí

  1. So stoked I went against the grain and sold my bags. Time to buy up the destruction of BTC. U hope it drops to 3k

  2. you may need to update this video. there’s a company on twitter that did analysis on this bitcoin scam/dump and come to find out they haven’t sold all of those bitcoins.

  3. Schiff is a brain-dead gold bug who cannot admit that gold market is totally rigged on the COMEX! I sometimes wonder where Schiff’s brains are! Even gold bug Mike Maloney knows the worth of Bitcoin and cryptos!

  4. Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I’m enjoying them a lot. Everyone is scared and I’m over here staring at these discounts and beating off,I’m so damn excited. I’ve been waiting for this for months. Absolutely there’s no room for emotions in this game,Buy the dip and trade. It’s that simple. As the price continues to drop as I hope it does, I will continue to buy more of this. I do not believe crypto is going to zero. I do believe at some point when the recovery starts and the bull market starts there is going to be a massive upswing in the price and people will look back at this time and these prices and be shocked at how little they could have bought a lot of what they sold out of panic, I have been trading with BENJAMIN JACKSON Excellent strategy and I have been getting the best from it ever since my 5months in contact with him, you don’t have to wait for an Upswing before making profits, you will end up loosing if you don’t find a way out on time,Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, get to more info about My Coach on his mail @ (Benjaminjacksontv@gmail .com) or Telegram @BenjaminJackson

  5. As the btc whales print more tether to prop up a failing bitcoin more and more places stop allowing bitcoin use because fees are high time frames are to long if only there was another crypto that didn’t have these problems
    (Unfortunately there are a number of limitations and design flaws unique to Bitcoin that make it an impractical substitute for cash including high tx fees and long confirmation times for buyers. We’ve tried to mitigate these problems but unfortunately these issues are fundamental)

  6. i bought litecoin at 2$ for me it was the right coinsold/traded most of it 2 yrs agochanged my lifei like to stick with the top 10 coins on market capbitcoin is our future
    im not getting any younger and it will b my retirement and new c8 stingray vet, lol

  7. Trading with the guidance of a professional is quite the best way to trade , its different from copying trades using Etoro and also its more profitable with less mistakes and loss

  8. chrisiden man that new c8 is our crypto lambo, truly affordable super car level american muscle car!!! I hope we can create a crypto c8 car club in the future!!!

  9. Always backup your trading with a good strategy, else the bear market will hit you so hard, and you might wake up losing your saving, that’s crypto for you

  10. Metahash? Ian Balina has already been talking about this back in 2018. Price crashed hard and he sold, downwards it goes from here.

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  12. XRP isn’t going to be one of those top 5 winners. Ripple CEO’s are just dumping all their holdings on the fools buying in.

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