🚨 Is Your Bitcoin Safe? Binance Hack | Ethereum 2.0 | Litecoin Upgrade | Bitman [criptithe News]

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🚨 Get a Nano Ledger S: Best Way to Keep your Cryptocurrency Safe!


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🚨 Is Your Bitcoin Safe? Binance Hack | Ethereum 2.0 | Litecoin Upgrade | Bitman [criptithe News]

61 tuairimí

  1. I had a Trade in to sell my NPXS to BTC. And the sell went through after the event yesterday. All good here.
    BOTTOM LINENEVER EVER leave your coins on Exchanges. Put them in a Wallet.

  2. b'fhéidir, all of this was delicately constricted to show that BTC is in fact centralized? If a small group can make changes to the block chain thenso anyways, if BTC crashes, ETH becomes the new king.

  3. Binance hack is BSthey dont have the coins, they deal with derivativeshacking is the perfect excuse to freeze the accounts so nobody can withdrawnever leave your coins on an exchange!! Just saying

  4. I can’t believe they were thinking about a Re-.org of the transaction and control the payment history. I didn’t know that could be done??? I thought BTC was immutable and decentralized??? 🤷‍♂️

  5. You said Tron overtaking Cardano doesnt really matter. But it is good for Tron, but yeah for Cardano it doest really matter.

  6. I mean it doesnt matter in the long term. These crypto’s market caps will always be fluctuating back and forth

  7. Altcoin Daily fair enough, I can imagine the rest will resort to ad homonym as proof of correctness, so thank you.

  8. Maybe the market didn’t move because Binance doesn’t allow you to withdraw funds until the security audit is over.

  9. Tether/bitfinex drama last week. Now binance is “hacked” a week later? Very fishy timing. They conveniently get to freeze withdrawals a week.

    Perhaps they simply don’t hold the crypto they claim to and had a good old fashioned run on the bank

  10. Altcoin Daily my opinionshorts are huge at 6konce btc reaches 6/6.2k they will try to dump the market with bitcoin derivatives so they can buy real btc at cheaper pricethese exchanges are fraud and deal with btc fractionnal reserve, just like banks

  11. Almir Camdzic if you go on to Coinbase Pro to transfer your crypto to your Exodus wallet then it’s zero (0)

  12. +Calum Fairweather cool,I just created exodus account.. I got 1 question. How do I recover exodus wallet,only with those “focail” and password,in case something happens with my PC ?

  13. Almir Camdzic as long as you’ve safely stored a copy of the 12-word recovery phrase then you can access your funds in your Exodus wallet. Please make sure you’ve printed out 1 nó 2 copies of the 12-word recovery phrase and keep it in a safe and secure place like a safe or a vault.

  14. Market didnt move maybee because binance blocked withdraws!!! ,2nd hack in 2 years just like last time doing a suprise maintenance n then poof 7000 btc disappear n actually it was almost the same amount of btc for the same fiat amount of 40 milliún!!! And then CZ wanting to rollback the block!!? Mr centralized in panic mode! inside job glad I dont use Binance, use kucoin exchange!!

  15. +Altcoin Daily did you get my email of the Yen.io invite code? The code is good until May 9th 11:59pm ET. Hope to see you there! Let me know if you have any questions.

  16. I cant transfer anything all my money and coins all suspended !!! i called they said could be about about a month!!! im feeling something shady going on!!

  17. No blockchain is completely immutable. Le 51% of the hashpower, you could rollback the chain. But acquiring 51% of the Bitcoin hashpower is damn near impossible. Possible or not, I still cannot believe CZ had the audacity to even suggest it.

  18. What about people who want to be trading? They MUST have their coins at the exchanges. This argument with private keys is so low IQ one.

  19. +Almir Camdzic just download Exodus again on a different PC and you will see therestore walletoption after the new installation. I would suggest deleting the restore link sent to your email during installation; email is not very difficult to compromise. It is okay to paste your seed phrase into notepad and print two copies, and close notepad without saving the file; this way you won’t have trouble reading your hand writing or mis-spell a word if you need it later. Hope this helps.

  20. +Primzz exactly.. Im pretty sure Binance (having existed before 2017Q4, is RICH with BTC). They didnt steal from themselves and even if some insider did steal from Binance, Binance is so RICH, it can cover the loss easily….

  21. +Jakun Dragneel that’s always the response of an idiot, obviously you should trade with the budget you had but never keep it on exchanges.

  22. +Altcoin Daily None of you is right. If the fees drops 10x, means it drops by 90%. Sampla: if a fee is 1 usd and then is 10 cent, thats 10x drop (90% lower fee).

    chomh maith leis sin, there can’t be a 1000% drop lol.

  23. +Funny and Amazing Videos Dude you’re literally contradicting yourself. Hahahahha. 95% of the crypto people really got no brain, lmao.

  24. I believe it was suggested to him by a member of the bitcoin core , Cz and his team decided to not take the offer ..

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