Breakout Imminent?? | Consumer Debt Above 2008 Financial Crisis Levels!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: Is the Bitcoin price getting ready for a breakout? There are some support and resistance lines on the Bitcoin chart indicating this. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Ek, consumer debt and delinquency rates are getting higher and higher right now. If you want to know more about the coming global economic collapse, watch this video!

0:51 Stypje & Resistance
2:23 Breakout/Breakdown Coming Soon?
5:08 EMA Ribbon
9:23 Global Economic Collapse!

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Breakout Imminent?? | Consumer Debt Above 2008 Financial Crisis Levels!!

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. 1st hey carl still waiting for a video on how to short btc. can you please upload one when you get a chance tnx in advance

  2. All TA is useless when FUD is coming. Pro Shares ETF ganna get denied or delayed tomorrow, and then we have 3 more ETFs coming to conclusion in September. Ja, ETFs dont matter and we dont need them, but they still cause FUD and price drops. I think you should take this in consideration with TA. Because FUD outplays TA everytime.

  3. People need to be on their knees dry heaving before we get a move up. Plus, there is a gap that didn’t fill between 5k and 5400

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  5. The best decision i don’t regret making was contacting this manGreat how my life turned around in 3weeks!

  6. Atm it seems bears are not able to Go below 6300.
    First we need a failed Rally or an everlasting sideway Like now.
    There are Just not Bad enouph looking graph Atm.
    So buyers at 6300 feeling risc reward is to good and of course no sells at this Level.

  7. Uuhhh major breakout? Youtuber talking about a breakout for the last 6 month.
    To be honest, you are just drawing lines and circles on a chart and pretend you know whats going on.

  8. Who gives thumbs down honestly?!
    Answer: people who blindly ignore the truth, or ignorant people who fail to obtain a higher intellect. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. ? i watched the video hoping to get some bitcoin price prediction.
    i am not intesrting in all this crap.

  10. The Moon min 8 you want to long the maybe top 6625 ! How you catch set up huge green or red candle ? … thx for your time great video again

  11. I think alot of the FUD and sell offs isn’t justweak handsbut rather big$ anticipating the weak hands and trying to be the first ones to sell which then triggers more and more selling.

  12. Awesome video. I felt like I was in a school where I was actually interested in learning. Bahahaha. Smart guy. We need more videos like these that are actually informative. Keep up the good work, Carl. My hats off to you, brother.

  13. edit name ta basically tells you what has happened and by then its too late to trade. People will say you can use it to track history each year. All good in a standard market but crypto has its on rules and they dont follow any conventional patterns.

  14. The Moon Your channel is under valued like most great cryptos. I have faith that when the cryptos go to the moon, so will your channel! 🙏🏼

  15. D Based you are right, when the etf was delayed earlier this month the price dropped before it was even announced.

  16. people bought bitcoin with creditcards in 3Q & 4Q of 2017 ??? some maybe even 1Q 2018

    this would indicate against bitcoin as the bringer of peace

    in court i would argue that way

    bitcoin holder

  17. HYBRIID u must feel like the biggest bozo the 🤡 this morning lol 😂😂😂 go to carls new video>>> he said himself he is doing a shorting tutorial >>> nxt time just mind ur fkn business if u hv no clue in wut u talking about lmfao 😂😩😂 this just made my day lol sux to b u rn lol 😂

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