BREAKING OUT!! Triple Bottom & The 20-Day EMA [Bitcoin Today Again]

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: We broke out above the 20-day exponential moving average that we have been talking about SO MUCH! I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make my Bitcoin price prediction. Is the triple bottom showing it's power? Or is it the falling wedge within a falling wedge? Well, bullish price action is seen in the Bitcoin chart, so to learn more, watch the video!

1:16 20-Day EMA
3:57 Triple Bottom Update
4:50 2 Wedges
6:04 fundamentals

BREAKING OUT!! Triple Bottom & The 20-Day EMA [Bitcoin Today Again]


  1. Love your videos! I watch them DAILY while I play video games in the early AM. Keep on posting!

  2. Facts! hitten a Jay before work on the toilet in the morning.. haha The carl show. good stuff

  3. No you’re not dreamingHAHAHHAHAHAH I didn’t believe it when I saw the notification

  4. Historical price action seems to indicate so yes! Thank’s for watching Hector! 🌙😀

  5. Thanks for all these videos………………I find your analysis the most significant amongst all. I have been watching your videos for about 2 months now. Great work bro. You definitely deserve a lot, lot more of those subscribers!!

  6. Good Job, Carl! 👍🏼i watch you dayly and learned a lot from you. Tank & Greetings from 🇩🇪

  7. Carl Ive been following you since you had 6k subscribers or so, congrats man youre amazing

  8. This is the last big pump before the last major dump where many people will leave the crypto market. I am waiting patiently for it to happen. Probably this rally will stop at 10.5k down to somewhere between 1 nei 4.8 k. Good luck and stay safe.

  9. 1 more thing. There are no bulls right now. Only price manipulation, some people trying to get out, pumping the prices up so more can follow and then sell again when everyone thinks a new bull market starts. Stay calm and open your eyes, this will end when no one will believe in Bitcoin anymore, that is the moment when I will buy, I have seen this so many times in the past of Bitcoin and Gold mainly.

  10. Your very excited and talk fast for the first couple minutes Carl:) hope bulls keep its strength

  11. Subscribed, and thanks for some real good TA and FA! I have a suspicion you have made an epic vid here today in the history of Bitcoin’s next epic bull run, let’s see 🙂

  12. Funny how all those people who just a week ago were so convinced next stop was 3k are all of a sudden completely silent

  13. The only reason I think alot of them/us aren’t commenting is because we’re busy selling the bounce so we can double up on the next drop in price…. I’d say 4k isn’t too far away myself and I’m prepared to put my newly acquired USDT where my mouth is 😉

  14. Rise is to profit take then short. £3k by August……I’ve gone nowhere and I’m seldom wrong. And I put my money where my mouth is…..and a lot of it. Adios

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