BOUNCE OVERDUE!! | Divergences, Double Bottom & RSI Is Oversold | Get Ready!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: Is a Bitcoin bounce imminent? The Bitcoin price is very oversold. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

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0:39 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
9:35 General Market Analysis
10:09 Lightning Network
13:36 Google Trends
14:37 ICO Hype Over
18:31 Black Friday
19:14 Tips For Christmas

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Lightning Network Adoption Explodes, Capacity Up 300% in Ten Days

BOUNCE OVERDUE!! | Divergences, Double Bottom & RSI Is Oversold | Get Ready!


  1. I would give it a 75% probability based on the technics that we will se a bounce which will lift BTC up to 8k soon, before we will probably see the final capitulation candle by end of this year or beginning of next year! Fingers crossed Brothers & Sisters! Exciting times as always for Bitcoin! 🙂

  2. HAHAHAAAAA!! Love thedid you advise your family last year at Thanks Giving to buy BTC ..Nice one! 😀

  3. We are going 3100 of 2900 look at the weekly chart the the weekly RSI needs to touch 29 of 28 rsi b4 we go bounce to a new ATH..!

  4. yep, I’ve been waiting for that clear bullish divergence on the 4H chart and it’s here. Going long for a short term bounce.

  5. Carl: You are fantastic, how can you have all this info in your head. I understand you must let it flow out of your head every day to get space for more in going information in your head. You have a highway out of head use it, no speed limit we can take it all.
    Keep on.

  6. When was the last legitimate break to the upside ? Don’t think it can break 4000 ? I heard that at 6000 🤔🤔

  7. HOLO has a hardware device in development that runs DAPPS without a blockchain. Just sayin’. I do not hold any of the coin. Yet.

  8. +UHD Gaming PC ……..FACTS??? Considering your obvious vast expertise in the space….PLEASE explain how Bitcoin isCENTRLISEDand other cryptos are not? People who makeGENERALISEDstatements typically have NO CREDABILITY.


  10. haha carl. that you picked Holo is a sign ! 😀 Holo is realy a very good projekt and longer then 10 years in work. Trust me ^^ it do not only sound interesting, it is interesting.

    you should buy some ;D

  11. Bitcoin has been suffering greatly as of late, but is it possible for the father of crypto to sink even lower? According to most analysts, the answer is an unfortunate “yes.This is a serious nosedive from last week’s not-so-prominent $6,300, but even that is looking pretty good by comparison. Derneist, Bitcoin is not showing any signs of momentum, nor does it appear poised for a strong recovery, and technical analysts believe the worst is yet to come. If bitcoin drops below $4,000 which is very likely, the next and possibly ultimate target for Bitcoin will be $3,000, which is a full 100 percent retrace of the 2017 move that led to BTC reaching its all-time high near $20,000. Just as much as people all over the world are crying over the fall in bitcoin, i am still making good profit and just cashed out $38,000 in profit from my portfolio 3 days ago. I am giving this message cos i want to help as much people as i can from this crypto love that will make millions of people go broke long-lasting regrets. I will recommend Mr Wesley Wills (wesleywillclinic@gmail) for you when it comes to all crypto related issues cos he is someone that has helped me tremendously on my financial journey. He thought me how to find a great broker and not just use the popular demand, he also provides me with trade signals which has helped me better understand entry and exit and the reasons for those points, he also introduced me to a winning strategy he created specially for very bearish conditions which the markets are currently experiencing.

  12. Google trend interest in bitcoin has increased. Retailers seem to be interested in this drop. I would be careful.

    You can be contrarian, but you need context, the trend is clear, and its downward. If we bounce its more likely a deadcat.

  13. It just broke out of the 6.2k support that was touched 6 kear. And you think it will just bust through that? That will now act as a very very strong resistance. Goodluck

  14. No the price action is bearish but everybody is still bullish, more pain to come, dare I say the next stop is 800

  15. +Hannibal Barqa II that is the most random number ive ever seen. The only time I see bitcoin going that low is if a recession comes. OG’s are not gonna sell their bitcoin lol. They held from 20k and you think they will sell at 1k? Where are you gonna find sellers?

  16. +reiwell del HaHaHa who wants sellers? This thing is going to zero. I said the next stop for trading, but before year end this will collapse to 0. Ek, if there are no sellers, this would have kept its price instead of sliding 80%, I think you meant to say there are NO BUYERS. Hodlers bombarded the SEC hoping for an etf to bring buyers but to no avail.

  17. Hey Carl, what do you think about SECURITY in the time when BTC (or if BTC) is the world reserve currency or/and xx% of the ppl don’t have to trust banks anymore bc they are their own banks?
    Hjoed: bank robbery
    In some time: privat key robbery at home?
    Do we need other homes? New security? A bank had some sence back than, in regards of security! What do you think?

  18. +Liji Le lol so many are doing just that it amazes me not worth selling till the demand is at a lucky if you can get 0.01 lol

  19. +Peter Olutunde I so think too btc will be break support for final crash ….
    But everything can happen
    I hope Next year can hear good news

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