Bottom or Fake Out for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Krypto- Market Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News

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Has the bottom been found or is this a fake out rally for Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on today's video!

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disclaimer: De ynhâld besloech yn dizze fideo / live stream is NET ynvestearrings advys. Ik bin gjin finansjeel adviseur. Dat binne allinne myn eigen persoanlike mieningen, ideeën, charts, technyske analyse (TA), ynsichten, nijs en priis predictions. Altyd dwaan dyn eigen ûndersyk en allinnich ynvestearje allinnich basearre op jo eigen befinings en persoanlike oardiel. Besluten te ynvestearjen yn en / of keapje Bitcoin (BTC) of in oare soarte fan cryptocurrency is ekstreem hege risiko en de merk kin crashe op elts momint! Dizze fideo / live stream is puur foar fermaak doelen allinne!

Bottom or Fake Out for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – Krypto- Market Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News


  1. James told me it was going to go up, but I didn’t believe him. I just grabbed my water and got back to work.

  2. Hey!! What do you think about the Etherum as it come to the dead level I mean 128.6 peil!! Can we expect a bounce back ??

  3. Thank you Kirby, you give valuable advice to us everyday. I was waiting all day to check out your vid. Went short yesterday evening with a x5 leverage on BTC, went from 6200 nei 6400 during the night. Now I am doubling down on my position, lets get this crypto!

  4. Thanks for giving a moreblack and whiteidea of what you think it’s doing (dead cat). A lot of times I am trying to learn and I don’t quite understand what the person’s getting at.

    Naturally I went full FOMO and sold my house for Verge coin going against your advice. Subbed

  5. You can’t ignore that 1 min chart. Not only did the pump up happen in 1 min. The slams down also happened in one minute.

  6. Ja, green had me seeing red today, because i’m waiting to buy into capitulation…. I’ve been having some hopium for that three line strike on the weekly!

  7. Even if it hits 68 it’s just going to slap back down to 58ish with maybe 5600 lows. The bear market isn’t done wrecking kids.

  8. Thank goodness for that. Ice been watching the market, shutting myself about the green up turn but i stood my ground and i now understand what happened. Great job on the videos. Litte wy krije dit fersifere!

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