BitMEX | How To JEANS & LONG bitcoin | Leverage Trading Tutorial For Beginners

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Yn dizze BitMEX learmomint foar begjinners, Ik sil dy sjen litte hoe't jo koarte en lange Bitcoin mei maksimaal 100x leverage, sels as jo binne in Amerikaan dy't wennet yn 'e Feriene Steaten. Ik sil dy sjen litte hoe te assign leverage, set yn in Bitcoin koarte posysje, hoe te deponearje & weromlûke en hoe te hâlden twa plakken iepen tagelyk. Leverage trading komt mei risiko yn 'e foarm fan in likwidaasje priis, en yn dizze BitMEX tutorial, Ik sil der wis fan dat jo bliuwe jo Bitcoin feilich wylst hannel op hege leverage. Brûk myn BitMEX affiliate link op 'e top fan' e beskriuwing te krijen 10% off de fergoedings foar 6 moannen! Klear foar koarte en lange Bitcoin mei leverage? Sjoch de fideo!

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0:37 Create Account (10% off Fees)
1:05 deposit BTC
1:20 Kontrakten: XBT
2:00 leverage Explained
3:33 Lang & koarte Foarbylden
4:59 Calculator Tool
5:51 likwidaasje Priis
7:34 Submitting De Oarders
11:20 weromlûke
11:36 Twa aparte Positions?

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BitMEX | How To JEANS & LONG bitcoin | Leverage Trading Tutorial For Beginners


  1. I’m just going to add a much needed disclaimer for you guysbe very, VERY careful with leverage. DO NOT use leverage if you aren’t already a disciplined trader. It’s really easy to lose everything if you don’t use proper risk management. Many people have lost many fortunes on Bitmex. Crypto is super volatile as-is. Carl really should have put some proper warnings at the beginning and end of this video.

  2. Dankewol, very good video after very long time, but it is more like gambling than trading. I wonder what the risk ratio on this is.

  3. Very well explained Carl! Are you also planning a video explaining how to use limit orders, stop losses and take profit orders and such? I think it will be much appreciated. Most tutorials out there consist of unprepaired rambling and are chaotic. This vid of today was really good, thanks for your effort.

  4. Carl i got a question, how come u are still soo bullish, when its clearly that people leaving crypto with anger and deppresion, those people wont return back, for another bullrun we need mass amount of buyers, those ETF and BAKKT doesnt mean nothing.

  5. ​+The Moon I know. Maybe you don’t realize how poor of traders most people are though, lol. This is the one place that people are capable of doing maximum damage to themselves! The warning couldn’t be stressed enough.

    Dat wurdt sein, I used your affiliate link for a new account. I do see some amazing long and short opportunities coming up. =)

  6. I believe that BTC is the best money there is, and its only a matter of time before the world understands that!

  7. I Closed (merk) short on eth with 10x leverage, I was 11% up on this trade but after closing I didin’t receive extra funds instead it charged me around -1%of the position.

  8. You might want to add that unless you have high % profits like 50% you can still lose money even when it says youre in profit due to fees regardless whether you use limit or market orders, and your account can keep decreasing on every trade. Thats on top of bitmex’s usual games with system going down, liquidation wicks, deleveraging and other unexplained phenomena.

  9. Thanks Carlcould you please explain one thing thoughand that is if you have an order that you want to be filled and you don’t want to be in front of your computer until it fills, how do we put a stop loss on the trade that we are waiting to be filled? This has always baffled me.

  10. When you market close a position it closes at the fair market price, not the Bitmex price. Then there’s also the massive fees for market orders. Always use limits except in an emergency.

  11. Mr.carl, i love ur presentations u are a real good teacher. But you forgot one thing to adress in this video for new comers to bitmex, that is uses of stop loss and trailing stop. if u can do that in your video tomorrow to help many retail traders instead of waiting for liquidation price ….!

  12. Tank foar de video. What about stop losses. Are you aware of the differences in fees between limit orders and market orders? Maker fees and taker fees. Maybe you should make another one explaining stop losses, limit orders and how fees are calculated. It might be the responsible thing to do since you made this one. I don’t mean to sound preachy. 👍

  13. I am really surprised at this video, Carl. Such a dangerous game, along with the advertising for Bitmex …. doubts have set in, but I am still a fan. Yet still. You must know how tempting this can be to desperate and inexperienced traders. I should not have watched, in the future I will only watch your usual videos, not the commercials for Bitmex. People! DO NOT TOUCH THIS, you will get burned. You will.

  14. hey this is way better than Gambling …. and so many pop into casinos and just drop cash for fun!??!?!? And the issues with using this platform with out understanding it is worse then paying with it with a clear explanation and Carl did a nice job! Money/crypto is a Adult activity and telling people you are not smart enough to do somethings but others are ok is too much control.

  15. +The Moon Nothing wrong with gamblinga littleas long as you are prepared to lose as well as win occasionally?

  16. +The Moon I think that should be “Nijs” ? Maybe fallow Peter Schiff on stock market (He hates Bitcoin though!)

  17. Yes I need thatI seem to trade okay when I work it out in my head but don’t make what I though because of what exactly fees?

  18. being serious….BITCOIN has just died and been exposedtheseforksand mining andcivil warskilled it……….the onlyunifiedcrypto is XRP

  19. Ja! I will, but I wanted to keep this video to around 10 min for the absolute beginners, and keep it extremely simple 🙂

  20. +De moanne. Yes I understand. But beginners need to know more about what they are getting into. Specially with something as risky as leverage trading.

  21. You’re probably rightBut there was such a high demand for this video, people ask literally every day..

  22. Tanec Tanec don’t you think it’s funny how every single youtube channel is bullish, does t that scream alarms ? Your also in unregulated speculation based market. Wtf do you expect. There will be mass runs. Just when we hit the right level. Carl is a tradernot the best. Your a hodler ? Why u on this channel ?

  23. Howdy! I simply wouldd like to offer you a huge thumbs up for your great information you have got right here on this post.
    I’ll be returning to your site for more soon.

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