BITCOIN PARABOLIC BULL RUN!! | $10,000 Next Or Correction To $5,880?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: The Bitcoin price is really bullish and is on a parabolic bull run now. Ek, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

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BITCOIN PARABOLIC BULL RUN!! | $10,000 Next Or Correction To $5,880?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Let me tell you smth. If we touch that price and THEN go up immediately after, it’s the beginning of the bull market.

  2. Goed… I don’t see that we’re going back to below 6k! We already corrected twice to 6800 fan 7500.

  3. No matter what level you say is key, i won’t buy it, the last 2 major resistance levels, 4.2k and 6k, it was like a hot knife cutting through butter.
    PS: No offense to Carl, he is an excellent analyst. It’s just the way markets are.

  4. 6k zone was major resistance on the way up, which did not exist as resistanceso why is it going to be major support on the way down?

  5. Appreciate your videos as always Carl.

    Could you maybe do a analysis video on the top 10 Altcoins somewhere in the future.

  6. Waiting for the new vid, I love them and I also make crypto videos!

    Lets go to the moon! 🌙 👌🏻

  7. @TheMoon, why can’t this bitcoin run be a result of a mass exodus from Tether? That couldn’t certainly be a plausible explanation.

  8. Taner asiya i bought at the bottom if we just entered bull market. Shorting can be a waste Im risking my profits but its not a financial advice im risking what i dare to lose

  9. 10k will be soft like molten butter. Just like the 5,8 – 6,2k region was. Bitcoin: “Aaand nothing is gonna stop me now..

  10. Carl
    when i click on the trading view referral link
    it takes me straight to a chart
    i don’t see your name there

  11. A clear indicator for a bull market is, when youtubers move their facecam out of the right upper corner.

  12. Resistance is futile. We are bitcoin. We are parabolic. We don’t need no stinking support.

  13. Carl, as you for sure know, it’s not a parabolic curve we are currently witnessing but an exponential one. We know you as profound and literate analyst. Therefore please do yourself a favour and use the correct term which is exponential, not parabolic. The difference is the grade of steepness: Parabolic curves (x^2) are less steep than exponential ones (described as e^x). Growth always follows exponential curves. This also holds true for increasing prices of digital assets.
    Rastani and the masses may use the term parabolic, Carl and the classes use exponential because they know better.

  14. 6253,- where a huge support and resistance in the past.

    But bitcoin proved, we are in a new area of the cycle it smashed true like snow for the sun.

  15. Dont worry any more we are in the verry begin of the Long term BULLRUN, yes ofcourse corrections follow up that is normal.

    From here i gonna hodl again also,i have enough conformations to say we are at the start now

  16. +Ross F It is same way when falling chart swing in same manner right now it is going above so it gonna happen

  17. Bitcoin is a technology and just like any techonology it grows exponentially. It is not a stock yet we keep looking at it like it is one.

  18. yep! Looks like the US Congressman’s negative Bitcoin comments were a massive bull signal.

    He’s probably loading up now………

  19. When it’s at 10-11k this level will look cheap……buy buy buy……’s a new bull market!

  20. Boom. Still a year from the halvening. And another year from that point to the parabolic move to xxx,xxx. These guys are just needs. They’ll see.

  21. I don’t think resistance and support are as significant when BTC goes it’s it’s extreme FOMO/FUD moves. Just buckle up and see where the rollercoaster lands!

  22. +Andrew Mattson correct, and normally i am not from the news, but seing Microsoft gonna start Building aplications on the Bitcoin Blockchain that proves something. Thats big

  23. Andrew Mattson You guys are acting as if this is the first time Bitcoin has been at these price levels. The problem is that the world has already seen a $20K bitcoin less than 2 years ago and the positive sentiment is growing by the day. A major correction would happen if there was a significant source of negative news, and if we were in new price territory. Wis, we’ll see some pullbacks on the way up but the bear market is dead. We’re not crashing back to $3K like many of you seem to think.

  24. +Tyler Wilson it took 1 year AFTER the halvenings to reach ATHs again. This time will be no different. 20k end of 2020 next ATH endish of 2021.

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