BITCOIN MAJOR $11,100 RESISTANCE!! | Altcoins | Global Financial Crisis Imminent

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0:45 Bitcoin
4:06 Altcoins
8:44 Steve Bannon
9:27 Grayscale
10:44 Intrest Rates & Negative Yields

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BITCOIN MAJOR $11,100 RESISTANCE!! | Altcoins | Global Financial Crisis Imminent

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. The system is broken by design. Interest is money that doesn’t exist and is fueled by more debt to cover that. That’s why global debt is always forever increasing.

    Dependance on a small banking elite grows with the debt

  2. thanks Carl,
    the Australian government has criminalized cash transactions over $10,000, I wonder if this is a ploy to make people keep their cash in a bank.

  3. i totally agree with your macro economical view. the signs are obvious for a major crash. However as important elections in the US and in Europa are near, i believe that central banks (FED & EZB that already became full political institutions) will flood ONE last time the world financial markets with a huge tsunami of printed thin air liquidity.

  4. I rent a room and put all my savings into Silver, food, and BTC. Debt free and working 60 hr weeks till the crash, lol

  5. Bitcoin can’t be confiscated, can’t be censored, can’t be reprinted or reproduced and many other can’ts…. foarnimmen!

  6. People called me crazy for buying a house in 2009, i will never understand the logic of the majority. In what scenario is it good to buy anything at all time highs.

    And now they don’t call me crazy, they call me ‘luckyfor buying so cheap. Even though i told them a million times it’s better to buy low.

  7. Very likely. And that will be the nail in the coffin, as more large scale fiat printing will drastically further devalue their currencies. It’s less of an issue when economies are more closed, but thanks to globalism they’re very reliant on PPP remaining stable.

  8. Yeah i personally think that bitcoin will take over as a world currency
    And being waaayy more powerfull then alcoins

  9. Xrapid just gone live with first bank this week. Big demand for cheaper remittances. I agree with you about btc. There may still be one or two alts that do very well

  10. Precisely, to try to reduce the banking sector’s wholesale lending costs as we currently have very low deposit rates and banks are forced to use foreign capital for lending. Instead of mega profits (shareholder demands), banks could be offering higher rates on deposits to increase their balances for capital and lending requirements. But instead they call on their politician buddies to change the laws around cash expenditure so as to force us to keep more money in the banks. Also helps keep those balances higher in case they need to enact their bail-in laws which they passed last year without so much as a mention in the MSM.
    These are dark times we live in, long live crypto!

  11. Just want to thank you for all your hard work Carl. I’ve learn a lot from watching your videos. You’re a genius on economics.

  12. I can’t wait till this crisis. I’m going to buy up all these homes these people couldn’t afford with my Bitcoin

  13. There are only 3 options that can be true. 1. There are not 18 million people on this planet that can afford $11K for 1 whole Bitcoin. 2. There are that many people that can afford to buy a whole Bitcoin but they chose not to. 3. There are that many people who can afford it but they are just not aware of the value of Bitcoin yet. I’m putting my money on option 3. Most people just don’t understand the potential value of Bitcoin yet or how to own it. Once this public awakening happens watch out! The upcoming financial crisis will definitely make people realize the failure of fiat currency and they will be searching for a lifeboat to survive the tsunami.

  14. Enjoy yourself too as it may be a while but you certainly have the right idea. And putting in the work too. It will pay off for you. Just when?

  15. Bitcoin should be worth like $50,000 at minimum so anybody able to buy in the $10,000 range is lucky; it is very undervalued right now.

  16. There is a DVPN that just released a mainnet called Privatix, they own a VPN company already with 1 Mill users, look into mate 😎👍

  17. Look at it like this. Allinnich 30 million people are buying/selling. Just imagine if that doubled. What would bitcoin price look like then. There are over 7 billion people. Time will make the price go up in the future

  18. I bought in 2010. Property is up 75%. Im not sure where Carl thinks people live. Renting is a hole in the wallet.

  19. @James Hibbert nope, ever four years the cycle repeats, starting with a year before the halving. Up we go just like clockwork.

  20. @xA18kND1x True, but the banks that don’t ban these transactions will get all our business, and make a lot of money.

  21. @xA18kND1x But to your point, at least some credit card companies won’t process buying bitcoin on credit. But my banks allow me to buy with checking account, etc.

  22. J’habitais la France en 1988-1989. La France me manque beaucoup! Quand BTC est 20,000 j’y vais visiter! Vive BTC!

  23. But what happens when war comes with the usd collapse? This one is going to be so big im suprised if ww3 is born from it.

  24. bilderberg etc, they know what they doing, every crisis they get richer..go figurethey know printing lowers value and make everyone poor, and those who do not hedgewith gold/silver and maybe BTC they lose all the ‘wealthand its all transferred to the bilderberg and their friends who understand the system. It resets and then it starts again..onyl this timecrypto is a new playerand it will be very very very hard to sell fiat again to the people after such crashthat might takes a year or 5 to recover from….

    Wouldn’t be surprised that they already buying all the crypto as much they can and make a economy based on that, this way they stay at the top of the pyramid, its just way harder to crash crypto compared to fiat

  25. it will be too LATE when they realizemost people don’t understand +they don’t have the fck money to buymost countries need 2 workers in the family to buy a house and be able to save a little bitand the little money they gotthey not gonna buy crypto with it but a vacation to get away from the mundane stress of working load

  26. @xA18kND1x there comes a point in time..when there is a market based on BTC only and crypto i believe..and it will ban banks and fiat from entering, and only satoshi would matter

    look at it like a blackmarketit just uses cash..banks have no finger in what happens.
    People don’t need bansk to transfer wealth to each other.
    I can trade my guitar i bought with cash for maybe a bike that someone else bought also with cash..
    although cash was used the trade it doesn’t get used anymore, only the goods..just need to agree on it.
    Can also happen with can buy my guitar for x amount crypto and if both people agree..the deal is settled..
    There is a group of people like me who transfer useless fiat to crypto and not to cash outbut to wait till it is used as a currencymight take a while..but why would i cash out even if i make profit 50x, if i know in essence fiat and its system is pure garbage and value declines every time they print and print

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