Bitcoin IS crashing!! Where Is The Bounce?! | Altcoins | libra | Iran | Simbabwe

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: The Bitcoin price is going down today I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. The Federal reserve has concerns regarding the Libra, and Zimbabwe banned the US dollar. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

0:57 Bitcoin Analysis
5:33 Altcoins
6:50 Perspective
7:38 fundamentals
8:34 Pomp Vs. Schiff
8:54 Iran
10:00 Simbabwe
11:44 libra

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Iran just authorized crypto mining in the country

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Bitcoin IS crashing!! Where Is The Bounce?! | Altcoins | libra | Iran | Simbabwe

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Love your videos carl you are the one cryptotuber that i truly look up to and respect all your opinions your a top guy keep up the good work

  2. WOW…. Alts are absolutely dying! Some great buys if anyone still has belief in them!

  3. Everyone run for the hills. EVERYONE PANIC AHHHHHHH. hahaha.
    You know bitcoin maximalists may just end up recking the entire crypto market if they keep talking bad about good alts. Those projects are needed if crypto will be taken seriously for the future development of applications on the blockchain. Bitcoin is good but it can not be the solution for everything.

  4. “M” pattern at play, if it plays out fully then bitcoin could go just below 10k $9600 range…. I hope it does so I can buy again😁🤑

  5. Facebook and the shady banking world are probably on the same side. Zucks a Bilderburg’er after all.

  6. never give comments, but i wanna make an exception!!! your content is clearly, informative, instructive and explain (every) importants info in the cryptospace!! also a clear view about the TA. thanks and keep up the good work!!!

  7. @Sal M he really knows his things but tooooo much info man, he just doesn’t stop talking 😀 needs to summarize stuff like Carl, or something in between

  8. It’s going back to 3-4 k as this entire 2019 pump was just tether combined with dumb FOMO. There is no support it’s not going to bounce. Gravy train is over buddy.

  9. Bitcoin will succeed because under all the fomo there is actual value that helps people with their daily lives. The fact that the price is going up is only icing on the cake.

  10. @mileswoke I don’t think anyone thinks otherwise. Personally I think it is an old car made from gold that everyone can buy a piece of.

  11. Thanks for the dedication and hard work Carl, it’s very appreciated. I look forward to your updates as part of my daily morning routine 👍🏻👍🏻

  12. @CT Movies Steem is not a good alt. Look at ada eth eos matic vet etc. Besides it is easy to point out that it costs now more of a certain alt to potentially buy bitcoin as you have bitcoin dominance at high levels. If you had done the same calculation at a different time it would show different results. Just another way bitcoin wet dreamers mislead people. Last bull run alts outperformed bitcoin. Will they do it so exuberantly again. No probably not like before. Some will though. Right now we have only institutional buyers who have not realized the value of some of the other good projects. They are buying bitcoin because it is like gold. At 10k many thought the retail investors like us would come in and buy up all the cheap alts. Probably when bitcoin hits 20k. I don’t think it will get there now so fast is my feeling.

  13. Peter Schiff is an outright liar. He holds a secret crypto portfolio. He asked Jeffrey Tucker for advice on adding Monero to his BTC, BCH and ETH positions after their debate.

  14. @Work With NatureHow to Grow Food! just a week ago you needed 33k STEEM for 1 BTC now you need 9k more

  15. Hey Carl you know deutcha bank is collapsing? This is a major economic indicator of what’s coming.

  16. From what I remember there are entire states in the US that allow you to pay your taxes in crypto

  17. Work With NatureHow to Grow Food! Yeah people are sleeping on a lot of good buys. Everyone says buy when people’s faith is shaken and price is dropping yet know one actually does it.

  18. Cam raiD what’s the bet, Congress and the Fed already met and decided with zuk that they’ll give him the green light once they’ve made up loads of crypto regulations, which means the end of bitcoin in the mass market. And Libra takes over

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