BITCOIN FALLING STILL!! How Low Can BTC Go? | BULL RUN Will Start In May According To This Chart!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

0:52 Bitcoin Analysis
11:04 BTC Education
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14:18 Bitgrail Hack
15:28 Bitcoin Bull Run In May!

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BITCOIN FALLING STILL!! How Low Can BTC Go? | BULL RUN Will Start In May According To This Chart!!

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. I think those of us who understand charts and markets know very well you need a period of CONSOLIDATION before a bull run. Most of understand we will not see a bull run on 2019. 2019 it a period of consolidation.

  2. I’m hoping for sideways price action followed by the next bull market. This is a time to accumulate. as 2019 is similar to 2016, it would suggest an approaching mega bull market.

  3. Digitex Futures exchange will launch in a few monthscommissions free/zero-fee futures trading. Only Digitex tokens can be used to purchase contracts on the exchange, better get some while they are still cheap

  4. Double bottom is bullish. If we look back to 2015, when BTC tested its 200 WMA for the first time (ik tink), it formed a double bottom and it actually broke it and remaind under it for about one week then broke it again and bull market started.
    I cant se why this cant happen now also ?..

  5. I think we are going to blow through the 200WMA and attain some serious lowstotal capitulation. I think this is an attempt by the bears to shake out the last of the weak hands. Dan, the price will most likely stay low with weak volume until we see a trend reversal.

  6. Carl the only thing I would say about the falling wedge is that you have used the wicks of two candles but the bottom of the body of the other candle (on the daily candles). Be careful with this we should be consistent and use all wicks or all bodies! Just some constructive thoughts! Anyway love the content keep it up mate.

  7. +Farmer Jimmy What are you talking about? lol There isnt even enough BTC in circulation for the banks to control. Seems to me like you’re regurgitating.

  8. I think with each bubble getting next one is harder and harder, people will not just start buying BTC like mad just because the chart told them to. That’s why I’m skeptical. Foar my, next bull run won’t start until there is some kind of worldwide currency collapse.

  9. I disagree because we already are in a very long bear market. And previous bear markets didn’t have all the bullish news on the background. In my opinion the bear cycle is about to end. I think in three more weeks bulls will be back.

  10. theSmoking Skills. How do you measure the “blood” though? Seems to me a lot of people have been battered by this bear market already

  11. For real, I could not have said any better. Best time to learn about trading in this bear market and very appreciative to gain so much knowledge from Carl. Blessings to all.

  12. Man i discoverd your channel a week ago and i have to say you are producing the BEST crypto content out there! Keep up the great work

  13. +A Jackson there is no measurement. The main reason is that it will start when nobody thinks that. Wy sille sjen, that’s only my two cents. It will come, I don’t care about the time 🙂

  14. +MisterCandyMan it could be a whole year of accumulation. But thats not the worst part, if traditional markets crash, it could take 2 years to bottom out.

  15. +MisterCandyMan well. Try to be realistic. I personally hate people who try to speculate price, i stick facts! Fact of the matter is this not aVshape bottom of apull backthis is a full blown bear market. Traditionally, we will go through consolidation. My dog agrees. Good luck to you.

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