Bitcoin Falling Or Finding Support? | Mortgage Backed Securities Explained Simply

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin is falling, so where is the support? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Ek, what are Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) Well, I'd love to explain it to you, so watch the video to learn more!

0:39 Fibonacci & Support Levels
6:04 Support Line & Fundamental Analysis
9:20 EMA Ribbon
11:54 Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)


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Bitcoin Falling Or Finding Support? | Mortgage Backed Securities Explained Simply


  1. UPDATE: The recent price action actually has started to look like a bear flag, and if so, look out for a continued fall to aprox $7,300

  2. I think we’re going down, slowly to 6000-7000$ range. Then September comes and the hype will begin.

  3. Hey Carl! F THE HATERS! I am not sure why anyone would complain about the length of the videos. I appreciate you brother. Also those lazy poop heads need to learn to use the dang index you post!

  4. Don´t apologisefor the time Carl, Your video´s are great for me and when I have no time to watch it in one go, I find another timespan, or just wait for Tomorrows video :-)!

  5. Please stop worrying about the length of the vids, I am interested in everything you say, which is why I will definitely keep watching these videos

  6. Love your mix of chart analysis and the content about the broken financial system! Please more of this stuff!

  7. Good video (as usual)! Tank.
    I for myself surely do like this kind of extra content. As you say yourself, it is -or can be- valuable info. And no problem with longer vids here. I say ramble away!

  8. Don’t stress about video length. If people want to watch it, they will find the time. In fact I PREFER longer video’skeep ’em coming.

  9. There are huge possibilities for the price of bitcoin to keep going up so I encourage the wise to the keep their portfolio growing stronger

  10. Most of my colleagues working with Hurley Jordan are multiplying their coins can’t wait to buy bitcoin and join

  11. Carl, dont apologize for making legitimate content. Love that you don’t just cram a bunch of information you take time to really explain it. Also with the backed securities and mortgage collapse of 08, please keep talking about stuff like that. It’s very important that others are aware of what took place during that time. Love the 20-30 min videos!

  12. Man, this was so interesting, wish you were not freaking out about the time you have. Please don’t worry about the lengh of your videos so much. I was so sucked in that I seriously didn’t care if you are gonna continue for another hour!

  13. Hey Carl, why don’t you stop worrying about the length of the videos. I like the content and info I receive from them and willing to spend few extra minutes to educate myself. I bet most of people signed up to your channel will agree with me. Thanks for your work.

  14. Of course short videos are more practical, but the amount of information Carl is sharing is much more valuable than the time I could be saving. Keep up with the good work, man!

  15. I like your videos because it discusses finance as a whole not just crypto. Technically you hit the 15 minute mark if you just count crypto. I don’t mind longer videos.

  16. Can you explain in one of your vids how exactly you measure the targets for those flags? I think i have a pretty good idea i just dont wanna be wrong. Something about measuring the pole and then taking that length and putting it at the breakout point?

  17. Hi Carl, i love your videos. I am always waiting for your new videos. Right now, bitcoin on 7.345 already🙁 Is it going to continue falling? Should i start selling? I have over 5 thousands euros invested in Bitcoin and Tron. Thanks in advanced for your response. Best wishes, Tilo.

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