1. Ehm, if such an asteroid hit the Earth, you won’t be worrying about money, anymore

    Minig gold in space may have a high initial cost, but could thereafter potentially be less expensive than mining on Earth.
    Oan it ein, if the asteroid is worth 10 000 quadrillion dollars, I can guarantee that it won’t cost that much to mine it.

  2. I would have appreciated if you have shared the signal of chainlink when it was below 0.50 cents

  3. Just imagine how much it would effect the value of gold though. Which of course would be good for Bitcoin and all of gold uses like electronics.

  4. and if you think that sounds interesting than I think that you shdosudld deffenfin krkrkrt washch vifddskodso

  5. I just watched Austin Powers Gold Member! The gold astroid news is hilarious since that was in this movie!

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  7. Carl!!! You are the mf man! You’re helping make the world a more financially literate place.
    I wish you continued blessings and I hope you continue to slay the baddest European women
    in the world w/ your 12inch Fibonacci! To the Moon!!!!

  8. Nasa unlocked 20 bil $ with an rock from the moon claiming that has an bacteria on it after 7 years found out that rock was from north pole expedition so no i myself do not belive much coming from nasa

  9. Hey Carl the shorts just dumped off 67% in a 1hr candle. The markets are about to get extremely volatile. Safe Trading😁 Thanks for the content!

  10. Wait till people figure out how much gold is settled in the grand canyon. A natural sluse box, miles wide, over a hundred miles long, been in full operation 24/7 for thousands of years without a single clean outtheres a reason why mining in the grand canyon has bee banned since the early 1900sabout the same time the FED was created.

  11. @Marshall Helms In the ocean tooEstimated that 2/3 of all gold on the planet is in the ocean

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