Bitcoin DUMP Coming According To This Chart | NEW Venezuelan President Pro BTC?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: Bitcoin looks bearish right now, and I'll show you the Bitcoin chart that shows why the Bitcoin price is going down. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

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0:33 Bitcoin Analysis
12:11 Government Shutdown
14:48 Ledger Nano X
15:25 Venezuela

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Venezuela’s New Interim President is Anti-Petro and Pro-Bitcoin

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Bitcoin DUMP Coming According To This Chart | NEW Venezuelan President Pro BTC?


  1. *_PRE-ORDER Ledger Nano X Here:_ *
    BitMEX Affiliate Link 10%:
    0:33 Bitcoin Analysis
    12:11 Government Shutdown
    14:48 Ledger Nano X
    15:25 Venezuela

    ☾ Support Me Via Affiliate Links:
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  2. i am sure btc will rise up, so just HODLBTC is gonna rise it is written. in the stone, so we just have to wait,

  3. It’s amazing the way you’re able to predict the price. Better than every other youtuber, no doubt. You’re making me loads of money haha thx

  4. +2000jago no ofcourse not, but i follow the main ones, like kirby, forflies, tone vays, allessio, etc. And kirby and carl are the two best ones, but Carl is just the next level for sure!

  5. yet another imperialistic move by the US to take over a duly elected government to get the OILwarned by Russia Saudi and many other countries to mind their own business, i hope this is another good reason to overthrow the US government and Central bank that control the US. make no mistake, the US is out to destroy a democracy like it or not, to pillage the natural a front for the illuminati and Central bank criminals worldwidethe US must be destroyed if their is ever going to be freedom for the world, and freedom from the prison of Deficient bank system, DOWN WITH THE USA. and the centrial bank that uses the US military as its own violent power to control the world.

  6. According to hyperwaves, wave 7 is often the longest and the deepestit is often followed by long periods of accumulationThus bt c hyparwave predicts 1000usd bitcoin after that god knows how much sidewayyou can say goodbye to 6k in 2019….

  7. It is very very scary to see that an unknown due in Venezuela says: I am the governor now and the US, Kanada, Peru, Ekwador, Argentina, Paraguay, Frankryk, Brazil and Chile recognize an non elected person as the leader of state!!! This is the end of democracy as we know it and the beginning ofdemocratic dictatorshipsBrexit is a product of Facebook and Cambridge Analytical, Trump got in to the power thanks Facebook and Cambridge Analytical too. In Germany the AFD (neo capitalistic nationalist party) is growing a lot thanks to Facebook and twitterThis is scary!! and we can just watch!

  8. Learn how to read MA lines then talk about manipulation. Trades are being made 24/7 and when any manipulation happens it’s usually short living, because it’s performed by small group of people and their bots. Then everything comes back on the natural path. Stop being paranoid.

  9. +The Catmother dude what the hell are you trying to say, another expert that watch a clip on youtube and then think he is is an expert lolllll

  10. itcoin DUMP Coming According To This Chart, if we are really mostly traded by bots, yes, and that’s very frustrating.

  11. It starts to look like a huge diamond bottom to me, it’s even a smaller diamond pattern inside the huge diamond. If the small one breaks to the upside the bigger one will probably break too.

  12. Big sigh. ‘Myaltcoins went up and freaking Bitcoin dumps again and my altcoins are in the red. Frustrating. At some point they dont have any Bitcoins left to sell? Efter 12 moannen? Or are they buying and dumping over and over Carl?

  13. BTC is manipulated imo, but it doesn’t rule out TA and fundamentals. I agree tho I’ve encountered those people too, we call them moon boys. They dont respond well to criticism, or ideas that counter their beliefs in the market. Best thing to do is buckle up and enjoy the ride.

  14. ikr my niece is likewhat are you watchingim like you ever seen wolf of wall street “nee, lets watch bee familyIm like 😒go clean your room

  15. You need to read up on the US history, if it werent for these stars and stripes the rest of the world would still be having inquisitions and bowing to kings.

  16. at this point Venezuela has 20years giving away their natural resources to Russia and Cuba and owes the entire production of crude for the next 3 years to China, so i completely understand your position of anImperialistic move by the USAthough i do not share the sentiment because as venezuelan i have seen how the country not only deteriorates but how the people in power become richer and richer so in my opinion i prefer USA to take gold or oil for a short period of time rather than staying with this regime for more than 60 years like Cuba and they end up stealing all thats left

    Totally agree with you on the Deficient bank system and central bank but i dont think there will ever be such as thing as freedom for the world as freedom comes with different opinions and different ideals


  17. Guiado was elected, to the national assembly. His position is basically speaker of the house. Maduro is the falsely elected president. The presidential elections in Venezuela are a sham. They have people voting multiple times and you can watch countless video on YouTube of polling stations turning away opposition voters. Also Guiado isinterimpresident for a period of 45 days in order to hold a new, fair election. All of this I according to the Venezuelan constitution which Maduro rewrote last year. FYI Maduro abolished the national assembly and created a newasemblea nacional constituyentelast year as well. This new body is full of government friendly pro-socialistconnected people

  18. What’s up Carl! My wife is from Venezuela we live in Panama. If you ever want to talk with her about what’s going on their she is eager to talk about it.

  19. thats what they been doing globaly foe decades.. Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad, Maduro. Or were you emphasizing the power of Social Media?

  20. Aside of the facts that there’s extreme poverty and lack of health care and medicines in Venezuela, what is happening there is very bad. What you commented is a pure anti-democratic movement. NO ONE can declare himself as President when he wasn’t elected.
    I’m not defending Maduro and his politics, I’m just saying that this is going way beyond where it should go. There’s a lot of interest from the US on Venezuela’s oil. Venezuela’s economy depends a lot on oil exportations to sustain itself and Venezuela’s goods are mostly all imported. People are starving not only because of Maduro’s stubbornness but because of the US sanctions too. And what were the sanctionsinterest in the first way? Finish withChavismoin Venezuela and control the biggest oil reserve on the planet.
    I know a lot of venezuelans, I’m friend of them, I know their reality and what they are passing. It’s true the country is imploding and it’s yelling for achange”, but not this way. Not theUS way”. Just watch what happened Afeganistan, Iraq, etc. Wer, I repeat, I’M NOT DEFENDING MADURO IN ANY WAYHe’s just a lunatic who doesn’t understand nothing about politics and how to run a country.
    Carl, keep the good BTC TA and FA. You’re the best!

  21. for sure. When my view gets too narrow Carl helps with expanding the chart out and showing a larger analysis to help fit all the pieces together.

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