Bitcoin CRASH Coming? | BTC Shorts Indicate Another Fall!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

1:13 Bitcoin Analysis
5:53 BTC Short Positions
9:42 1 BTC Club
11:09 BTC Vs. Sina
13:09 US Dollar Cost
14:42 Mastercard Fine
15:09 Bakkt News
15:59 Crypto Inflation

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Bitcoin CRASH Coming? | BTC Shorts Indicate Another Fall!


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    0:56 Bitcoin Analysis
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    14:45 HODL’ers
    17:07 HACKED

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  2. Carl. I can assure you that a significant movement is coming and it is up. You will be shocked in less than 2 weeks. Just follow the previous charts.

  3. Carl you shouldn’t use such clickbaity titles. You’re better than this. There is a difference between “crash” and correction.
    I think we can see a short time capitulation candle, similar to those that various altcoins have had before their trend reversal.

  4. If you use the harmonic pattern starting the breakout from 3100 til today you will see that we are in the D and its about to rise again but IDK if it can pass the resistance that easy since the momentum is not that big but give it a chance cuz gartley pattern is 60-90% chance of happening its better than speculation and even if it fail buying low is better that buying high btw the inflation in total market cap doesnt affect much the value of bitcoin cuz bitcoin no matter what will stay 21m of supply its not like fiat that if you print more money the whole supply of printed money is in circulation in bitcoin the supply of coins is the different from one another so even if you make alot of altcoins they’re gonna die anyway but bitcoin and etherium xrp will live because of demand

  5. FUD title. I hate the clickbait title BS.
    Makes me not want to watch (I will though, gotta love Carl)!) bc it will never crash low enough for me to sell..
    A retest of 3.1k is expected.. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    It will crash low enough for me to buy more though 😉

  6. i literally watch your video now everyday, is good to see how the financial world develops and i feel like you cover all major subjects, great stuff!!!

  7. +The Moon I know you think it can go till 2.4k, but there i saw a 1.5k line. Is 2.4k still your lowest low?, or you think it could reach around 1.5k?

  8. How is this a clickbait title? He is predicting a big volume candle down maybe go down to low 3s. That’s a crash. And I’m grateful for him pointing this out for me and explaining his reasoning

  9. We haven’t hit a new higher high in 14 months in the long term so get over trying to be bullish btc will not hit 10k untill mid 2020 I guarantee it

  10. I found that after 6 months of watching his videos daily, i do my own technical analysis and see what i found popping up in Carl’s videos also

  11. +Andrew Mamo I also do my own, but sometimes, my own is not good enoughThough The moon in long run is always giving a good perspectiveBut we need to do multivariate analysis, and weigh this and that. Carls info always helps out a lot.

  12. YouTubers need views and subscribers to make an income from hours of work, therefore im totally ok with Carl trying to drive views. Judge on the content not on the title and if you want to support watch the advert and click on it even if you are not interested, then Carl will get paid.

  13. I do my own as well, but Carl really pushes the envelope, and tries to see thebutterfly effectbehind the market moves, I truly appreciate all the work he does!

  14. 2 weeks no maybe in 4 weeks, did you looks at stochastic RSi it cross over going down on the weekly chart, so first it s going down and it take a few weeks

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