Bitcoin CRASH After News Of ETF Being Delayed! Fundamentals Vs. Technicals | Altcoins Bleeding!!

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: After the ETF news from the SEC, the Bitcoin price crashed $500. I'll take a look at the SEC report, and the decision of the SEC to delay the CBOE ETF another 45 dagen. How will this impact the price? Ek, the altcoins are bleeding, and are they a buy now? To hear my opinion, watch the video!


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Bitcoin CRASH After News Of ETF Being Delayed! Fundamentals Vs. Technicals | Altcoins Bleeding!!

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Being accepted by rule makers and institutions. Was this the point of crypto? Perhaps the original concept will be enough.

  2. Goed… you know yourself, they want in at the bottom of the market 🤔 Gives us a great opportunity to buy more of your favorite coins and tokens 😎 And wait for Sept/Oct🚀Nov👆Dec💵Jan💸. Save this msgthis is what is going to happen!

  3. Hi Carl, love your work! Looking at the total market cap, currently at 230 miljard, I would say we aren’t going to go down much further than this. BTC is almost at 50% market dominance. BTC total market cap would have to go down to 100 billion to touch the 5900 area again (currently at 111 miljard). That would mean the total market cap would have to go down to 200 billion and I really don’t see this happening. A lot of people who were holding alts have moved into BTC, this should hold the price up a bit more than previous lows. I’m hoping for a higher low (comparing to the 5800 we saw at the end of June) and then maybe people will start to get bullish again as we move closer to September with a possible ETF decision. My prediction would be a low of 6100.

  4. I knew when I saw the shorts climb that the market was going to be in trouble. All the insiders knew ahead of time that the ETF was going to get delayed and the players dumped their coin. Yn feite, the same people that are shorting the market are the same people that are pumping and dumping Bitcoin. The manipulation is obvious. The only thing to do at this point is to remain hopeful in the future of Bitcoin and HODL.

  5. Sorry to see it is a scammers market. No TA. Hopefully those who do that will get the karma cooming, after thisin your facerobbery.
    Only shorts/longs squeeze ,huge 500-1000usd moves very frequent without reason
    Of “somebodywants to enforce regulations in this market that is supposed to be descentralized, and it s looking to create the necessity. So they first inject these manipulations (because with 2 good news and 1 neutral, you get a dump. and what a dump. Ek,no real bounce since 8500, de 6800 broken like it was nothing..)

  6. The truth is that the SEC is delaying the ETF decision, not because they want rejected, but because it wants to lower the price and buy it.

  7. Great coverage and make sure keep up on your Nutrition and do some light weights Carl
    Gotta stay healthy behind that computer mate👍
    Governments are just squeezing the prices as low as possible then just before EFTs are approved,
    “Bang” they are gonna invest massively and watch the Phoenix rise!
    Keep holding and don’t sell people eventually it’ll rise again, Bitcoin ain’t disappearing.
    The only reason it’s been going down is due to government regulations stuffing us around the last 5months!!

  8. don’t get upset from the hates you will get, you try your best and i think you are one of the best :).

  9. zSEVENz WolfPack Hope you’re right but with all of the snowflakes in this market that sell off every news event.. not so sure. Thinking mid to late 2019, if even then.

  10. Vlad Achimescu This is why it will never be a major currency. How can it be when this market has no strength and can be obliterated by any country on demand. Blockchain has promise but people saying 100k, 1 million BTC, I dont believe it. The SEC said they declined the last ETF application because of extreme volatility. Seems an approval possibility just declined even more now.

  11. Quattrings True!. i belive it is intended to be volatile, so huge profits can be made by thesmart money”. At some level lets say a 10x -50x higher marketcap it will be more stable
    Do not be surprised by the 100k, i am sure they will find new people to sell them at that price 🙂 and higher.

  12. Whatever the technical analysis says….Some1…..Somewhere is manipulating & making huge money….Its very clear to me :))

  13. This is pure manipulation and not a reaction but a plan to shake off more hands. They want this as low as possible before the big boys get on board

  14. Crypto youtubers have been hyping about this EFT for a while now saying stuff like: “ETF will push bitcoin to 50k before the end of the year”. Some people buy into bitcoin because they don’t want to miss out on that bullrun so it’s nothing more than FOMO. Crypto-youtubers have basically put high expectations in the investors heads. Now you saythe market is not acting rationalwhen those same expectations are not met?!
    wow!! Did you ever think that maybe if crypto-youtubers wouldn’t hype so much about every little bit of news that comes out we wouldn’t have these drops when it doesn’t become reality? Wis, the delay is fundamentally neutral news but this drop is totally rational when you consider the ETF hype.

  15. The Moon will be back soon, he has just gone to Starbucks to get a coffee, but could not pay from some reason

  16. I would prefere any tool that only provides updates from you. Never used discord before, but did check it out now, and your channel just looks like another Reddit, Twitter, Forum or something like this, dozens of people who talk and post stuff I’m not interested to seeJust would like to get important updates from you, nothing else.

  17. Hal Staniloff True! People are putting these crashes/dives off on mom/pop panic selling. The only problem is we can observe 250-450 BTC Walls, and or see individual trade blocks (Red OR Green) which are 10 nei 50 BTC at a time. I’ll watch those huge blocks happen & usually you will see 3-8 large separate block trades occur all w/in the same time frame, one shortly after the other.

    Sorry guys…… this schizophrenic BTC mkt which manifested AFTER the Dec/Jan crash has VERY little to do with mom/pop investors.

    The schizophrenia has had an ABSOLUTE CORRELATION in fluctuations of BTC’s downward price trend, once the CBOE & CME Futures contracts were approved.

    Those idiots shorting got paid twice! Double dipping: the sale of the BTC AND then upon the contract exp. They’d turn right back around & reinvest their profits buying up BTC at the lowered pricethen let the price rise for several days. A day or two before the next futures contract’s exp date, they’d start massively selling off again driving the price down to break through the contract limit they needed to exceed on that particular expiration date.

  18. Ja On Hummmmmmm…… NOTHING these days would surprise me.

    Even given the twin’s filing was an old one & doomed, I some what (GREATLY) suspect there’s also a bias running against the twins. The jealousy is off the charts when it comes to those two. I don’t think they have a seat at the inner table b/c of it.

  19. The Moon Thanks for freely sharing all your knowledge/hard workI think the World of you. But don’t ever let that go to your head – do bist in goeie man & Soul. It seems these days your type is the minority.

    ok, hopefully shortly you will share with us your top 3 alt coin picks to take advantage in this window. I’m not moving funds out of BTC, just looking to add new funds in & dedicate toward some hot alt deals while they sit slaughtered.

    Cheers Sir
    Xo 😉

  20. The Catmother thats.true but as the article said .ive seen none response with an “NEE”.just delayed.

  21. Tank foar de video, even on vacation! I’m just an average jane, live paycheck to paycheck, so I’m glad the price is lower, I hodle and buy a little more every week!

  22. More buying opportunity. All the Fundementals are there, all the good news we have seen past few weeks is still in play

  23. Quattrings
    I know how u feel. The big players want little players out of the game. So just hold. Wait, we will all have happy days ahead.

  24. wow, I think that you might give too much “credit” to crypto youtubers. I don’t think (hope ?) most people decide to invest because of what they saw on YouTube that day. . .

  25. etf manipulation,,ynvestearder ,,many investor wont buy btc cheap price ,,so dump n many panic sell btc down falling 😂

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