Bitcoin Correction! | Bitcoin ETF Update | Ver Vs. Wright | Etherdelta

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: The Bitcoin price is now getting the correction I've been expecting, so what now? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also talk about Etherdelta, Craig Wright, roger View, Bcash, the SEC and the coming VanEck Bitcoin ETF. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

1:01 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
5:53 Bitcoin ETF
12:01 Etherdelta & The SEC
14:11 Bitcoin Vs. Tulips
15:32 Charlie Shrem
16:19 Basis Omtinken Token
16:40 William Shatner
17:58 Ver Vs. Wright

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SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder Over ‘Unregistered Securities Exchange

Roger Ver's Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

Bitcoin Correction! | Bitcoin ETF Update | Ver Vs. Wright | Etherdelta


  1. Great video!
    Since you have mentioned DEX’s, Switcheo seems to be doing a great job and has (ERC20+NEP-5) trading

  2. Carl, I just realized that I rarely comment on how helpful your show is. Bro! Thanks for the work u put in on these videos!

  3. Shatner has a solarized bitcoin mining farm so he better be versed in protocols. Glad he’s getting recognized for it. nerd money ftw! lol. Great video as always Carl!

  4. The moon boys can’t handle anyone saying anything about btc other than it’s gonna moon, well here’s some real news , ETF will not get approved till at least February , Bitcoin will not hit 10k this year at all, and we still are in a bear market with a few months of downside yet , sorry if you moon boys can’t handle the truth , but no moon coming anytime soon so buy a bicycle cause no Lambo coming , btc has absolutely no use case after 10yrs ,it’s super slow and no old person would ever be able to figure it out ….

  5. Smart people develop and mine it, dumb celebrities push it, naive public buy without understanding ita massive transfer of wealth from naive to smartbut as always I like your technicals and will keepwatchungthisvideo

  6. Carl, you say don’t buy a BTC ETF , but some points you may overlook: 1) most 401K retirement plans ONLY allow to buy ETFs/ regulated stocks so this becomes the only option, 2) many do not want to incur the risk of handling their private keys for fear of losing them, 3) many do not want to deal with tracking the capital gains tax reporting which a brokerage conveniently handles.

  7. Unfortunately neither of you know anything…… The same as I don’tNo one knows the future….. Anything can happen…. It’s a risky investment but potentially could have huge gains…. Investment /gamble….

  8. James I agree with u 100% no one knows. That’s with anything in life though no one knows the future that I know of but what we r getting is that these you tubers keep shilling bullshit to there viewers like they know what’s gonna happen when they don’t! They act like hope and know what coins will blow in 2020 no1 shiller SUPPOMAN! even tho the say this is not financial advice they still tell ppl to buy courses and spend money to find out what coins they believe will blow

  9. The second half of the video was done AFTER the drop you witnessed…. then corrected your outlook. Unsubscribed

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