Another Breakout + EMA Ribbon & Support/Resistance Lines To Watch For Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: Will Bitcoin get a breakout out soon? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll show you the Bitcoin support & resistance lines I'm keeping an eye on. For the Bitcoin & crypto news section, I'll discuss the centralized card payments network we have today and the wealth distribution of Bitcoin. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

0:43 Revised Resistance Zone
2:23 Latest Update
4:55 Stypje & Ferset
11:28 EMA Ribbon
15:00 RSI
16:06 Bitcoin & Krypto- News

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Another Breakout + EMA Ribbon & Support/Resistance Lines To Watch For Bitcoin

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Carl, I am glad that you have successfully meme’d yourself with thedefinitelykeepwatchingthisvideointro. Truly a man of culture 😉

  2. Another great video CarlWould you share your opinion about Electroneum instant payment system,which is the first in the crypto market space

  3. +Will g what you said has nothing to do with a meme. He is not copying anything, nor are viewers or other channels. No copy and paste, nothing humorous, not copied by others, not part of culture or reflection of culture, not establishing culture, not indicating he is a man of culture.

  4. draw lines is important to see where the price goes, I recommend you use PITCHFORK 0.25, 0.382 ,0.5, (0.618 IN RED), 0.75, 1

  5. I believe the upvotes speak for themselves 😀
    speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme.
    I said he meme’d himself. Have you heard of the words abstract or meta?
    I see your username is ironic 😀 good luck!

  6. Take no notice of the trolls I don’t know about any one else but I think your a geniuses think I spelt it right lol peace peeps 😁

  7. +Will g You know not the meaning of meme and want to kill the messenger for pointing that out. What he says is a tag line, not a meme. You can’t meme yourself, you moron.

  8. you most certainly can, it’s called meta humor 😀 !
    I’m not trying to kill anyone lol, I’m simply presenting my opinion, no need to be hostile:)
    he started off with a tag line which he memes by humorously speeding up and blending the words, and his fans caught on and considered it funny.
    he could saynwyoshodefinitelkeepwatchingthisvdoas an imitative mutation of the original phrase 😀 and his fanbase would completely understand it. I know my TA friend and I riff about it when we talk about him and 3 people would fit the definition of a culture, plus the 10 that agreed with my OP! 😀
    I don’t converse with people who resort to names, I don’t understand why liberals do this so frequently, I thought they were suppose to be tolerant 😀 but this was fun, thanks 😀 !

  9. I enjoy your videos and feel you do a nice job overall.

    One piece of constructive feedback on your chart analysis: KISS
    at around 7:50 you showed all these support and resistance lines. It looked like a tangled mess. You should try focusing more high level with support levels and picture of chart. If you do, you’ll find fewer support and resistance lines. As well as the case for a bear flag bigger picture

  10. Hi Carl thank you for your nice videos, do you use trailing stop? if so can you give us some hints please.

  11. edit name

    Yeah I used to watch Tone (I like to hear myself talk) Vays he doesn’t make crypto any less boring.
    He does pronounce the wordcandlein a way that makes me want to jump through the screen and head butt him though so that’s interesting I suppose.
    I have no idea why that chick is on his videos, probably because nobody would watch if she wasn’t.

    Tone loves Bitcoin because people give it to him so he can travel around the world talking verbal diarrhea about it for hours.

    What does he do with Bitcoin?
    I did see an embarrassing video of him getting his haircut and trying to pay with it and it didn’t work.

  12. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Clear, instructive and informative. Dankewol. (Please tell me what app you use for recording your vides) Tank

  13. Boring!? This is the most exciting day in a looong time. ETN ^40%! You know I’m going to speak for the whole community when I say this: I said it! Losers. Are you guys even in crypto..?

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