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    0:55 Bitcoin Analysis
    7:55 Perspective
    9:58 Debt Ceiling Crisis

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    Deposit 0.1 BTC & Receive $60 FREE!
    Deposit 0.2 BTC & Receive $110 FREE!
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  2. Seems a bit bearish short term to me, maybe a good time to trade the dip, that’s my plan. 8.5k seems kinda low, I’m thinking 10k

  3. The way they raise the dept ceiling reminds me of those times when somebody challenges best 2 sûnder 3, then after you beat them twice they change it to 3 sûnder 5.

  4. The M pattern will finish playing out at around $9600 hopefully it goes up after that although I wouldn’t mind $8500😁🤑

  5. Ok asking the board if they know how to withdraw from bybit.Did google authentication but nada.

  6. Carl, do you have a video tutorial for TradingView? One which shows a handful of technical indicators and how to access them? If not, would you consider making one? Tank.

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  8. Dude, this is the reason I watch every video!
    Unbelievably good use of time!
    Great work!

  9. Where did the moon learn his TAIt’s spot on for meeeePlease tell us more about youuu dawwgg

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