$8,200 Ferset!! | BITCOIN TO $5,000,000? | Facebook Coin Launch 18th Of June! | Litecoin Halving

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: The Litecoin halving is coming up. Will the BTC price reach $5,000,000? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

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0:57 Bitcoin Analysis
2:41 Facebook News
3:33 Litecoin Halving
5:16 Bitcoin Bull Market
7:09 Bitcoin $5M

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Litecoin Halving Hype Takes Hold Pushing Bitcoin Up to $7.8K

This Macro Chart Shows Bitcoin Has Never Seen a Bear Market

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Targets $100 Trillion, Surpassing Gold

Bybit: https://www.bybit.com/app/register?ref=l2RA6

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$8,200 Ferset!! | BITCOIN TO $5,000,000? | Facebook Coin Launch 18th Of June! | Litecoin Halving

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Getting a bit carried away now

    Lets just get it to 20k and then see where it really ends up
    100k… 250k
    Who honestly knows

  2. When China, Russia and other dump the dollar then you will see 100k and up bitcoin. You can see precious metals already going up.

  3. haha and I will NOT see you guys tomorrow~ very clever! I don’t think I have herd that ever on any of your videos. Keep up the good work Carl!

  4. In not too far future people will look back at BTC price at $8,000 being very low but at the same time we will look back at The Moon’s subscriber count of 53,000 being really low once it hits multi million subscribers. Your videos are way too valuable for people to NOT know!!!

  5. Nice.. good fligh 4y.. have fun…. Life and btc , thats all we need.. 4 quiet security chill life in maimigreaz jamik

  6. Hi Carl, I have learned a lot about trading thanks to your videos. I went through the whole bear market and that experience is very valuable for me. Could you please make one video about TA on ETHBTC pair or pick up some fundaments? I would really appreciate your opinion on ethereum. Thanks and have a nice trip!!

  7. Litecoin compliments Bitcoin, examples segwit , confidential transactions, pushing for adoption. When it becomes impossible for people to get their hands on Bitcoin, people will buy Litecoin !!!

  8. We should be carefull on the next 2 weeksIf we go all in now the walles will eat us. Look to the charts and the patience is our best friend.

  9. Been watching you since the early stages of the “bear market”. Gotta say, you’re really accurate, along with a few others. Just want to say thanks for your commitment to the crypto space. I recommend you to all my crypto buddies.

  10. Shh. When the masses DO it changes things.. market makers are always ahead of everyone. And the more this kinda of group stays small, the better for usc’mon think a little

  11. I believe the market is already off it’s natural track. In my opinion it’s because this is something that is going up, a guarantee rather. And because of this market makers have a tough job plotting the course.

  12. They’ll try to dupe and fake out as many as they can. That’s the job of a market maker. Aka a chart plotter

  13. yep! Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving another day closer. Łitecoin August 2019..🌬.🐬

    Reminder that Łitecoin fees were recently reduced by 10x and hash rate reached an all time high, emphasizing ŁTC security

  14. Thanks Carl for the LTC analysis. There are a lot of stop-buys at $121. If that breaks then we will see some fireworks. If that sounds interesting then you shoulddefinitelybuysomeLTC. Not financial advice. Enjoy the blockchain cruise and I look forward to your next video on the ship.

  15. 100k is not really retirement money, unless you have maybe a substantial pension & social security to go along with it. It can be done, but as the years progress, you would be surprised at how quickly you can go through that amount.

  16. I believe you! I’m just concerned about government involvement in bitcoin . The government fears what it can’t control.

  17. Steve Joshua it depends how much btc he has. I have more btc than most people and 100k wont cut it for me 😂

  18. The presumption is that there will be no revolutionary technology in the coming years. Check out the dominance charts of BTC, it has been in a bear market for a long time, which means the technology is evolving and more and more people came to realize it.

  19. Zimbabweans Dollars! That’s what we talking about here, ladies and gentlemen 🤓

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