$1,000,000 TRUE VALUE OF BITCOIN!!! | Libra Not Getting Launched?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Heute: The Bitcoin price will reach $1,000,000, and I talk about when this will happen. Will Facebooks Libra ever get launched? Ek, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Besjoch de fideo te learen mear!

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0:49 Bitcoin Analysis
3:46 facebook
7:22 Bitcoinium
9:32 $1,000,000

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$1,000,000 TRUE VALUE OF BITCOIN!!! | Libra Not Getting Launched?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Carl, I saw a comment in yesterdays vid that Im 100% behind. Can we get a more indepth look at bybit? I.e. porper use of stop loss, how to use trailing stop etc.?

  2. 22200 in august. The opposite of the fear and gread index. Its in the psychology of people to always searching a reason why something is happening. Bitcoin was on a crossroad at $3500 and it was inevitable to go up. The reason people seeked was Libra. Now is there no Libra before 2020 and bitcoin is still going up because its following math (fibonacci extensions).

  3. Libra can’t help me, but bitcoin can because I’m in Iran and bitcoin is borderless. Moon, I’m a big fan of your videos. 👍🏻

  4. Very nice upload Carl.
    Just to let ya know there is tutorials about these things like “Success Council”, but yes it isn’t free and No, it isn’t a tutorial one ends in a day or week for that matter.

  5. Iran is one of the last hopes for our earth against the Jew world order. Best wishes from Amerikkka

  6. Baunch What do you want to do with trailing stops or stop loss in general if you’re a HODLer? Do you even know the P of position sizing or R of risk management to become a sustained profitable trader with a positive expectancy over 100 trades? *Do you realize that the trading department has nothing do to with the HODL department?*

  7. @Edgy Carl has made videos on bybit and bitmex tutorials, i wouldnt mind some more indepth looks at them. As for P’s and R’s all I know of is my Penis in your mums Rectum, fuuuuuuuckkk you

  8. hmmnot a fan of the CME futures as they are cash settled. i don’t think the CME price chart is worth considering for any analysis.

  9. @Baunch The point I’m trying to make is: You’re gonna get crushed, because you don’t know anything about trading yet. But given the maturity of your reply (seems like you’re still living in your mother’s rectum), it won’t matter much, if you lose that 10 Dollars anyways. 😀

  10. we passed the level carl mentionned. time to see if it’s a fakeout or if it will continue to rise.

  11. Thanks Carl, great video as always. Could you please explain what dose “ backed” means in (Poloniex is backed by Goldman Sachs, the largest investment banks in USA) ? Many thanks

  12. @CRIX Exchange hahaha good imagery, when you are hungry for a good meal you also start the greed.

  13. Fahk facebook. I canceled FB years ago because its full of teeny boppers posting rants and soccer moms posting pics of their cats.. Fahk Zuckerberg and his CIA project that spies on people.

  14. Tomorrow’s title…. Bitcoin will replace u.s dollar in next couple years lol🤣…. This is entertainingI do respect Carl though, he’s a good guy

  15. Zuckerberg and his CIA project that spies on people.” – that is why I am *very careful* about what I write there. Even so-calledprivate chatsare not private.

  16. De Feriene Steaten. government and Israel’s government are some of the most evil organizations in the world. I hope they both burn to the ground and Iranians can live in peace with total independence. Sincerely, an awake and distressed American.

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