Zilliqa ReviewHigh Throughput Blockchain of the Future

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Zilliqa is building a robust blockchain using sharding and new smart contract language to deliver more efficient end user results. Can Zilliqa stand out in the increasingly crowded blockchain space?

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Zilliqa ReviewHigh Throughput Blockchain of the Future


  1. Loving this project from a miners perspective. Not only does it use the ethash algo but the PoW model is less power intensive which could open up the possibly of dual mining. Thanks for the awareness around the language.

  2. Whoa at first glance I thought my phone screen was cracked to hell. Thankful its the background you’re using! Thanks for the info as usual!

  3. Your channel, Philakone’s, and Bull and Bear’s are some of the best out there for straightforward good information with no crazy hype attached. Definitely what the crypto space needs.

  4. Great video, well thought and and presented. Best crypto video I have seen. Easy to subscribe.

  5. I think a video on the the multi-varied costs or pros and cons of each the different scaling solutions would be helpful. To me, many of these projects are sacrificing decentralization to gain TX speeds. If the result is a relatively centralized network, then they’re going to loose to Amazon AWS all day. Koartsein, Platform resistant (EOS) vs. Sovereign resistant (Ethereum) – Sovereign resistant should be the strategy for all of these projects. Spitigernôch, all the dumb money in the market will only see TX speeds and ignore why crypto exists in the first place and are likely to see another Ripple XRP scenario with these centralized chains.

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