Zerocoin Critical flaw Explained Mei Ruben fan Zcoin Crypto

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Reuben from Zcoin and I discuss the recently discovered flaw with zerocoin and the challenges of privacy technology.

ûntsluting: This is an unpaid interview for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en it pleatsen foar edukative doelen. furthermore, Ik op dit stuit hawwe net ynvestearre yn dit projekt, mar kin beskôgje dogge dus yn 'e takomst.

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Zerocoin Critical flaw Explained Mei Ruben fan Zcoin Crypto

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Great video Lark, the guest speaker is very knowledgeable and interview provides a great insight into how early/pioneering/wild-west crypto really is.

  2. Thanks mate! Was really keen to chat with them ever since I learned about this a few days back.

  3. This is why i never invested in privacy coins, as you can not tell how many are in circulation. Good to use not to keep.
    jeet kune do is a good mix of old and new.

  4. Interesting post on the Pivx subreddit
    It’s a total shitshow. From the beginning the project was run by a small group who were first in line andacquiredmillions of Pivx. This enabled them to have the vast majority of MNs and they could then control the direction the project went in. Amongst this group were Devs with one in particular a very strong proponent of secrecy/privacy and this individual basically called the shots. As the bull run took hold the Pivx community started to grow rapidly thanks to individuals like Grant who I belive encouraged a swarm type mentality within the community. Such was the rapidity of the growth Pivx quickly became a top 20 project and even squeezed into the top 10 at its height. Pivx was superfast, cheap, had optional privacy with an attractive seasaw steaking mechanism. However this all changed when the MNs approved a proposal for the implementation of the zero coin protocol known as zpiv. No real discussion was required as the founders still had control of the governance with their share of MNs. Clearly no due diligence was carried out and the community was used as a real time test net. Now holding Pivx securely required a lot of time and above average computer skills. As the shitshow gathered steam people started to ask questions but were met with dismissive responses to their concerns I e if you don’t like it invest in another coin. Make no mistake the founders/leadership have done very well out of this project and will be all in the millionaire club. They know full well that this project won’t succeed and they will oversee its dimise ensuring that they can walk away financially secure and without fear of any form of action been taken against them. Yes they can look in the mirror and say they acted in good faith but deep they know that once they secured their wealth they relaxed and recklessly pursued the shitshow that was Zpiv. Don’t give them any more rewards.

    That’s all she wrote.

  5. Larkprivacy can be implemented on BTC via sidechains. Then we can have 1000s of options to choose from 🙂

  6. Jeet kune do is more of a philosophy of finding what works for you from different arts and pressure testing them. Again many jkd practitioners make the same mistake and freeze it as the way Bruce Lee or Dan did it.

  7. Please Lark normalize volume next time so both of you are at the same audio level, now i have to turn volume off when Reuben talks and turn it up when you talk..

  8. Tank foar de video
    I can’t found a solid reason for BAT to be the only mayor token that is in red and declining.
    Any light on this?

  9. This is such obvious exploit how wasnt it obvious you should check if a proof was used and log all the used proofs.

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