Zencash InterviewPrivate, Strong, & Fun Cryptocurrency

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Zencash team lead Rob Viglione and I discuss Zencash's features, the relationship with IOHK, goverance, mienskip, and ZEN Kitties!

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Zencash InterviewPrivate, Strong, & Fun Cryptocurrency


  1. It’s no question why CEO’s/leads of a lot of these projects agree/choose to interview with Lark as opposed to some of the bigger channels. The interviews are very informative and Lark always has the right questions to ask. Thanks for the Saturday upload!

  2. Committed project, strong community, great team, ambitious ideas, noble approach. Have always been happy to support the project!

  3. Thanks for keeping your interviews ‘friendly’instead of ‘interrogation’ lykas. 😉
    It’s obvious these people enjoy talking to you and they offer up important info easily. I like the premise of this project. ZEN for everyone! :)) I loved this interview!

  4. awesome interview ,and on a Saturday night ! excellent #NOSHAVETILL20Kcrypto Lark nationalways great interviews with The Crypto Lark

  5. You are GREAT!!! I love how you kept this so positive and upbeat. Your knowledge of the crypto market is so extensive that it gives you the knowledge to ask great questions which let’s us, the viewer, get a better insight into what the crypto project is all about. Thank you and continue to be so good at what you do!

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of this project, but I like this guy, he seems like a genuine kind hearted person. Solid foundational ideas for a project as well, but i can’t help but feel like the market is eventually gonna have to shake out some of these fairly similar coins. I wonder if we’ll start to see some of them combine and consolidate their efforts to try and stake out a lasting claim in the market.

  7. Oh…. Oh My GOD!!! Hey….hehey Lark!!! I had no idea this is what Zen was all about. Sounds like everything I’m looking for in crypto…. wow THANKS BUDDY!!!

  8. you should have to pay to vote or it doesn’t have any value. but blockchain elections are legit.

  9. Thank you so much for your great videos. They bring deeper insights to projects that truly benefit our community. Rob Viglione is an example of leadership that could be followed by more. I recommend to watch this interview. A must see.

  10. Lark, really enjoyed this interview and i’m excited to research Zen Cash further. Dig Rob’s outlook on business and life..inspiring!

    Keep up the great work and thanks for making awesome content. Cheers!

  11. F*ck, yes!!! Rob, baby. ZenCash is a great platform with a mission I fully support. I’ve invested to help it run, although I have yet to get my secure nodes up and running…. Thanks for the great exposure for this project, Lark.

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