Zcoin / XZC ReviewPrivacy Coin on Fire

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Zcoin is a hot privacy coin at the moment with a growing community in South East Asia can this strong competitor rise to the top?

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Zcoin / XZC ReviewPrivacy Coin on Fire


  1. Zcoin Exploding 68usd now 19 12 2017 00:00 gmt too high compare to the line graph was a great buy in the pastlucky lark .

  2. These guys are so gangsta they have a TURTLE working on development for them.ROFL—thanks for the great video on a great coin!

  3. Great coin now with Masternode ( 1000 coins needed ). I am expecting 0.01 – 0.02 Btc/ coin next year.
    With its low supply of 21 million and scaleability it has an great potential

  4. incase u didnt know FBI have been going after TOR for years and TOR cant be shutdown cause the nodes are run by people all around the world .. u cant compare it to google

  5. That is excellent teaching Ben thank you, I feel better now those parasitic alphabets soups cant take some of that freedom we deserve. Any idea if Shield coin using the same code or fork from Verge is any different to Verge like does it have some other feature(s)?

  6. Lark, you published this video on Dec 18, when price was ~$63.5. Video was recorded at $44.75…. why so big delay?

    and thank you for the video 🙂

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