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Yn dizze fideo, Mattie talks about Ripple XRP and how they are doing in this bear market. He also gives you the latest from Coinbase and Ethereum. Finally, Matties covers the Tomochain main net launch and what you need to do. Dit is in deistige segment.
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XRP The New Stable Coin? Top Performer In Bleeding Market!

XRP The New Stable Coin? Top Performer In Bleeding Market!

XRP on CoinGecko

Is Coinbase Trying to Influence the Price of Ethereum?

Is Coinbase Trying to Influence the Price of Ethereum?

Pierre Rochard Tweet

TomoChain Main Net Launch Coming In December!

TomoChain Main Net Launch Coming In December!

What Is TomoChain? Does It Solve Issues From PoS?

What Is TomoChain? Does It Solve Issues From PoS?

Using Your Ledger Wallet with TomoChain’s Testnet

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XRP New Stable Coin? Coinbase, ETH, & Tomochain Main NetToday's Crypto News


  1. ik tink
    There was news whales stabilizing the market not making it worst or good.
    They might be planted to do that by institutions.
    Now these wahles are gone so that institutions can enter at lower price.
    Cause normal mentality of the public has been changed that btc n crypto is failing.
    Which is the best buy for these people.
    N even these fork thing might be planted by these big players by paying some amount to 2 culprits to make retailers pessimistic by driving the market down for Bakkt n fidelity.
    It all makes sense.

  2. listen btc falling so hard, its a sign how weak crypto is.and the standard is when btc goes down all does.so watch out , dont invest ur money now it will drop more and you will lose only now investing so please watch out people

  3. Probably and they’re probably saying, “XRP is still a sh1tcoinwhile they’re hitting the buy button.

  4. They wish they would have added XRP a long time ago! How much ETC, BITCOIN, ETH does Coinbase owns? How much money/value have they lost? What happens when a ship starts to sank? What happens if ETC/BTC dies?

  5. +Lisa Lowery That’s why it will soon be Numero UNO on Coinmarketcap because it’s not a crypto! It’s actually as DAI puts itThe greatest Digital Asset ever create”. If you invested in anything other than XRP you have been completely tanked! Abandon Ship! Buy XRP! Don’t be a dumbass!

  6. Is this still halloween? Fed Res coin all dressed up for the Crypto fools.
    They KILLED crypto last year. It’s dead jim!

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