WTF is Cobinhood? – Free Cryptocurrency Trading

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Keapje, ferkeapje, Wat moat dien wurde?

Hâld it hjir ôfstimd op it Techcrackhouse foar nijs, tips, en de bêste manieren om te ynvestearjen.

Graach oanmelde en lykas, It helpt in protte.
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Robinhood Download Links:

IOS: = 8

android: = = fy

Robinhood Main-side:

Acorns Download Links:

IOS: = 8

android: = = fy&gl = ús

Acorns Main-side:

IK BIN YN NO WAY A MARKET PROFESJONEEL; USE Dyn eigen oardiel By oankeap fan Stocks EN Oars. Ik bin net ferantwurdlik foar EN Gains OR ferliezen datstû belibje.

De merk IS djip risikofolle, EN Jo moatte allinne ynvestearje wat jo Folslein wolle BJUSTER.

WTF is Cobinhood? – Free Cryptocurrency Trading

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. +itsdonenow the infrastructure to support it may be lacking, but it would be cool see it work.

  2. No fees plus 10 nei 1 leverage is a gamblers paradise. Not to mention the lack of regulation. I feel sorry for the new and inexperienced invested jumping on this bandwagon.

  3. Can you make a video showing how to buy in that ICO.
    it says minimum .01 Ethereum… like $30 bucks.
    Youll make $30 YouTube revenue alone making that time sensitive video topic. I e 30 days left only . Tank.
    Seems tricky buying Ethereum then switched into gas powered ico COB.

  4. So if crypto trading is free, who is going to pay for the hashing power? Someone has to process these transactions

  5. There are a lot of markets like thisnot free, but with minimal fees.
    I guess the main appeal of cobinhood is the 30% bonus?

    Only problem is actually getting them to work at the moment, in case you don’t already have a verified BTC/USD exchange account on another site.

  6. Also the minimum is .1 not .01.. Your transaction will process then decline reading (bad instruction) if you enter .01 and you’ll lose whatever gas was used until it declined.

  7. KJVExposesAll
    First I want to make another suggestion. Buy a USB flash drive from wal mart, and copy your wallet file onto that also and keep it in a safe place. It’s just very important not to lose this file or it’s all gone. I keep mine on flash drives only. Computers are just to risky for me, from being hacked to being stolen. $10 at wal mart.

    Ok so to buy Cobinhood-
    1. Go to
    2. Youll see under Cobinhood logo 3 tabs that readwhite paper” “view exchangeJoin The ICO Nowclick onJoin the ICO now
    3. You will be taken to aContract
    Addressunder that will be a code with a bunch of letters and number. Copy that code.
    4. Go to
    5. From the tabs up top click onSend Ether & Tokens
    6. Click onKeystore File UTC / JSON
    7. Click onSelect wallet filefind your wallet that you previously saved to your computer, click on it and enter password.
    8. Next page you will seeto addressat the top. Paste the contract address that you copied from the cobinhood website into that box.
    9. Select your amount to send, remember it must be at least .1 not .01
    10. Gas limit amount should be changed to 200,000 if it’s not already showing that.
    11. Click generate transaction.
    12. Once you clicked generate code, 2 boxes should appear under that readingraw transaction” en “signed transactionno need to do anything with them.
    13. Under them 2 boxes click onsend transaction
    That’s it, you are now waiting on your COBS, you can view your transaction as its happening. Usually takes about 30 seconds to a minute to complete and then go back to your wallet info and your cob tokens will appear not to long after. I would give it 10 minutes so you dont panic lol. Trust me you’ll get them. They will show on the right side when you access your wallet. Also when sending ether, make sure to leave a little in your wallet when sending because of the gas cost to send it. I think mine was about 30cents, so say you have exactly .1 ether in your wallet, When you go to send it. It’s going to stop after 5-10 seconds and not send, and you don’t get whatever gas was wasted trying to send itto be safe leave .004 in your wallet which is roughly $1 USD.
    That’s it, now you just sit and wait for the fireworks too unfold.
    Again REMEMEBER, DO NOT LOSE your WALLET FILE, keapje 10 usb flash drives, save the wallet to them and hide them all over…. never share your personal key with anyone and DO NOT!!!! Forget your password. I cannot stress these things enough. Wer, it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! To recover them.

    Good luck, I’ll see you in a couple years at the yacht festival.

  8. i have some COB tokens… how do they make their money? based on Margin trading and underwriting future ICO’s.

  9. I don’t understand why I’d buy the ico? I think the idea is awesome buuuut I don’t really see the value in holding the coin. Am I wrong here?

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  11. And it says it doesn’t support transferability, does that mean I can’t put the coins in another wallet?

  12. I know PA trading , I saw platforms but this what I see is far from any markets I ever trades. no H4 candlesno candles as I know ..where do I learn how to trade this ?

  13. I am so happy to be earning good profit into my bitcoin Wallet daily thanks to the bitcoin investment and mining I did with Mr Harry mark George.

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