What is Tenx? Should you invest?

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Tenx is the hot new coin, and a new player in the card market.

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What is Tenx? Should you invest?


  1. Hey! I don’t see your comment over on the bitshares video, but I hope you got in while the price was 4500 satoshi, it blew up yesterday!

  2. For some reason your comments aren’t showing up on some videos! Weird, anyway I like cryptility, great phrase!

  3. Heya ! Thank you for the videos and for taking the time to make them, very very informative. I actually purchased 135 coins and will be holding. Do you see this as a long term hold ? Ek – for Neo its currently at 33-35USDdo you think its still early to get in ? or should I focus on building up more coins with tenX given the price ? Thanks a ton , and subbed !

  4. Ja, Tenx is only just starting, if they do what they want to do then they will explode. Personal opinion, NEO will hit well over 200 in the long term. I am buying until it hits 100.

  5. Go for it guys! anything under 10 bucks is a steal for TENx. I have been following Dr Julian Hosp for a few years before he started his company. This dude is legit. You can check theyre Youtube Channel, they keep you uptodate with what the work at. Also you get to earn of of the Tokens! It will include all coins, so it kinda is a no brainer although competition is hard. Im also in OMG but im mostly in TEnx

  6. Great company, great team, great card. Super over valued based on what will be paid to PAY token holders. Do the math.

  7. question: so you have to spend money to get the 0.5% or can you hold in an exchange or wallet to get the 0.5%?

  8. Both?…… I hold bigger on OMG personally, although I keep looking to add to my tenx holdings !

  9. isnt the problem with tenx that many people buy crytos as a invest and use their debit/credit card for day to day living. Think about it too put money onto the tenx card you would have to buy crytos via fiat first and put them into your app at a fee. would it not make more cost effective to buy via the debit card route.

  10. Just one thing: de 0,5% is not after your own purchase but 0,5% of TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT WORLDWIDE devided by the total AMOUNT of tokens. (205.000.000) This is way more then 0,5% after your own purchase. It can easily go to 4-9$ per token in 2-3 jier.

  11. 1) Why do we hear this from you, not TenX? They don’t even explain what the “BETELJE” token is.
    2) Paying for a card but having to wait = Sounds like BitCoin miners that (may) never ship.
    3) “Go grab”: You’re leaving out the important, crucial details on exactly how, and what sites one can trust.

  12. Hi Lark Randy Brown From the future, the teams still working hard, good things take time, but just a little inside information the price has droped a little bit lol, but hodl and im sure further in the future, that i have not traveled yet we all will be very happy, Long live the block chain, and peace out.

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