What is Lisk? Is it time to Invest?

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Let's discuss what is Lisk, and what does it do!

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Tank foar it sjen!
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What is Lisk? Is it time to Invest?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Definitely keep Lisk on your LIST! They’re re-branding and properly marketing Lisk next month! Why haven’t they been marketing? They’re one of those coins that are focusing on getting their platform as stable and as ready as possible before they go all out to the market. I respect the patience, Neo did the same and when their product was good to go, then the re-brand came in.
    Ek, their SDK release (development kit) is being released around Nov/Dec 2017.

  2. Company who work on re-branding with them is very good indeed, but SDK alpha is all in or nothingIf they do legit job with SDK alpha till end of the year. Lisk will be in top 10 coins for sure. Overall not bad bet at all, very stable coin for now, not big oscillations in price. Trading rule for long term investorsbuy stocks with solid product, low price and most important with low price oscillations”. spetimber(rebranding) 5$-very possible, jannewaris 2018(SDK Alpha)-15$ very possible, foar 2018 nobody could say any prediction.
    Edit: One JS developer which I talked with, said me next: “for that kind of company and project, market capitalization of 10 billions for example, is not impossible at allThat guy personally invested in this project more than 10k USD$

  3. DanZ That’s awesome. I’m hearing more and more good news lately about Lisk. This could potentially be bigger then we think.

  4. I have the same feeling about Lisk now that I had about Neo/Antshares when it was 4 Dollars. This time i won’t make the mistake of only having 10 munten.

  5. I prefer to buy more lisk before the rebranding and SDk.I had 4000 lsk so far and not contented the amount I hold.

  6. Correctionit’s using JAVASCRIPT, not JAVA. Completely different, and I’m sorry to say, it makes you sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about. But it’s forgiven, you’re not a dev 🙂 You should add an annotation and correct it though

  7. The only reason for the website not being as cool as some of the others, is that they are rebranding so it would be pointless to change the website now than have to change it all over again soon

  8. I believe when the ICO start on lisk the value should remain stable due to the side chains. unlike eth. Good luck all. This is a great coin and I’m happy accumulating at $2. A few javascript guys at work are looking forward to the SDK. Unfortunately I’m not script savy.

  9. i think you don’t get the fact how important the fact is that you can use javaSCRIPT. Nearly every Web-Developer can build Blockchain-Applications with it and there are really a lot Web-Devs around. They also got heavy funded and got a really big marketing budged for September. I think that they will also change the website so the you will be happy to 🙂

  10. Noob here,

    Crypto lark, great content, all your videos have been very informative, I’m planning to invest in these, but where do I keep the coins, which wallet do you recommend?

  11. And you don’t seem to understand that the 144 Billion Crypto Market Cap is NOTStatic”, and is slowly expanding, and will be Trillions within a few short years. For LISK, 28 Billion is not only possible, but also very doable… Oan it ein, LSK will prove to be more flexible, scalable, and ultimately more useful than ETH

  12. Javascript is the programming language that was created by Brendan Eich, who also created FireFox, Brave and Basic Attention Token. What do you think about BAT?

  13. Neo and Iota websites really sucks in terms of UI/UX. They are just kitschy. On the other hand Lisk web site has a very good interface, easy to navigate, easy to load, correct typography. This indicates that Lisk developers are seniors. In fact this is one of the reasons I chose to invest in Lisk, their website gave me confidence. Trust me, I’m a designer.

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