What is IOTA ? The FactsShould you get involved?

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Iota is the new kid on the block and has been causing a lot of excitement with the tangle, don't know what the tangle is then check out my video!

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What is IOTA ? The FactsShould you get involved?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Thanks for your video and input. I’m super excited about IOTA. One of the biggest advantages that IOTA has is its scalability. It is limitless. There is no “block ketting” it is a Tangle. As you said, transactions are fast and FREE. Even more importantly the Tangle solves all the scaling issues, meaning it has made the blockchain obsolete. Mei oare wurden, even ETH is obsolete. I know this is a bold statement, but speed and quantity of transactions are critical and every blockchain by design have significant limitations eventually. DASH has figured this out and now know they must invest in hardware (NODE hardware) due to the blockchain’s own limitations. In contrast the IOTA Tangle will allow for billions of devices and wallets to be connected and process billions of transactions. Virtually the only limit is the speed of light. AMAZING!

    Look up transactions per second (tps) by coin. Bitcoin for example is at 3-4 pre segwit. Post segwit it will only be 6-7 tps. Ethereum is at 20 tps, Dash will eventually be over 100 tps. PayPal is at 192 tps. NEM is a rocket and NEM’s soon to be released catapult will rate at 3,000 tps. VISA/MC is consistently at 1,600 and during shopping peaks its way over 5,500 tps. VISA/MC say they can scale to 55,000+ tps. Crazy than so much FUD and energy over Bitcoin’s Big Scale debate to get to 6 of 7 tps. Insane waste of time & energy. So many in this space don’t have a clue.

    The IOTA Tangle speeds up with more devices & slúven. Currently its at 182+ tps. To get IOTA to 1,000 won’t be much more work or connections. It will be able to compete with VISA/MC before long.

    The Bitcoin Scale Debate is all for NOT!

  2. wow, great numbers, that is crazy! Bitcoin didn’t need to be faster, it should be the store of value, not the go to currency. I think Dash will remain very competitive, but IOTA is going to be big! Tank foar it kommintaar

  3. hi, it’s not been around a few months.. it’s been around 2 jier. , it had a little bubble due to the listing on bitfinex as first exchange.. seems to be supportive around 0.25$ for now.. I buy iota every day. the more i can get .. the better. All coins are out there in the hands of ppl already so anyone who’s selling is exchanging their coins with someone else.No inflation anymore from newmindedcoins since there is no mining . The distribution is already better then bitcoin. More distribution is welcome for long term.

  4. Oh crap, that is true, just exchange listing ! Thanks for the update! I like it a lot, planning on getting some more for sure!

  5. It’s been years in the makingnot a few months and unlike most ICO’s IOTA had very little hype surrounding itit has the respect of programmers and enthusiasm from the lay community is off the chartsjust read comments below any video about it. $200..check back in six months?…nee…As much as you can spare and check back in 5 jier.

  6. Ja, very true, my few months comment was not accurate, as I was thinking about how long it has been on Bitfinex. I like your advice even more, the more I see about IOTA the more I like! Thanks for your comment.

  7. I know i cashed out of bitcoin while it was high and bought ton of Miotas for the cheap. Iota looks like it has bottomed out so very happy with my buy

  8. What a great coin, i bought some early, and im totally convinced this one is a gamechanging coin,for all those on small incomes id say buy it will lift you out of poverty, a true coin for the common man who dosent have the finances to buy into much more expensive coins.

  9. Iota is a scam. If you can not mine it, then it is created out of thin air, just like fiat money, but iota is far far worse since no government backing it up. Prove me wrong!

  10. Hi lark I’m a huge fan! unfortunately I found your channel late to the game ,I was wondering if you would still be a buyer at $4 ?

  11. If there is no mining than who generates IOTA? Who makes decisions how many IOTA to be generated and when?

  12. just figure i check out your oldest video, almost one year ago today, amazing how much has changed since then

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