What is Happening to Tron? When Will it Stop Falling?

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To those who are involved in the Tron investment, this video is for you. If you got caught up buying Tron at or near All Time Highs, in this video we review the charts to assist you in discovering the bottom of this Tron price drop.

What is Happening to Tron? When Will it Stop Falling?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. Jeff I understand what you are saying but your terminology is off. Support is the low point, resistance is the high point. So if it dips below the .07 support line then the next support line will be at .03. Check out $NEO, has a similar run. Hit $58 then dipped all the way down to $14. Now it’s currently sitting at $170. There’s a reason why Tron is being manipulated. Something big is going to happen.

  2. No weak hands here. Tron will go back up. Regardless if it takes a few months or sooner, I am not going to be shook.

  3. A huge price manipulation like this can only mean one thing, it’s gonna blow up and they want all the weak hands to give up their stake in it

  4. “buy the rumors, sell the news” been holding since .07 before this dip & still holding if i get on the ship i’ll sink with it also 💪🏼💥

  5. the drop of neo is bcs of the news of china, there are always meaning behind a big pump or dump, charts can’t tell you why that happened that’s why you have to follow the coins you invest

  6. nice, comparing this coin with shitcoins that never reached a marketcap of over a couple thousands of dollars, literally almost all are under 5k usd).

  7. it’s funny that you’re implying TRON is gonna be a dead coin..Fear is what make people not think straight and I’m gonna capitalize on fear because its an opportunity

  8. TRON will be fine. It has a long way to go, honestly just stop looking at it for a few weeks/months. If you got in early, you’re still up. If you got in late, there’s no point selling at a loss. It’s a very solid project and has new announcements every few days. Not worried at all.

  9. @pradeep jha True, but it has to do with losing faith in the project and that’s what is happening now as well. All I want to say with this is that you should not panic sell because it is in a dip. Step away from it and be surprised.

  10. Wêrom ? You aren’t their captain. Jump off, as it nedich is. And for fucks sake, stop getting emotional about crytocurrency. It’s a side chick.

  11. LMFAO only you day traders panic you people want over night success it’s not gonna happen just pick solid projects and HODL imagine if you would of have 100,000 XRP at 20 cents and sold at 3.00 BUT NO most of you dumped at 50 cents

  12. hahha if it doesn’t hold 7 cents, it will go to 3 cents, if it doesn’t hold that it will go to 1 cent, if it doesn’t hold that will go to 0 … hahaha really? great thanks.. if it rains we will be wet. got it. thanks for the hands up. lol

  13. Tron will be at $1 troch de ein fan 2018, you’ve gotta be in Crypto for the long game and believe in the project! I’ve been in worse positions before and still made profit! Too many newbies trying to make quick gains by day trading!

  14. Most of the pump came from the new investors that joined during the New Years. That created the rise, which made whales sale. That caused a decrease, which scared the new investors to sell. That’s what I think.

  15. I don’t go to altcoin buzz for technical analysis. I go here to find out news about different altcoins. They fit a niche I really like. If you want proper chart analysis watch the chart guys.

  16. Every day it drops lower, I buy more. I’ve been in this long enough to see these dips as an opportunity for more gains. Dankewol, guys!

  17. Resistance is when price isn’t moving up from a certain point. Support is when price won’t fall below from a certain price point.

  18. A solid project? They don’t have a product. If you want to tap in the Asian markets look at quantum which is run by X Alibaba employees and can run blockchain with smart contracts so it can run Bitcoin core with an aetherium sidechain. Truth is this markets at critical mass right now and none of it looks real good in the short-term. I mean have you actually been to tron’s GitHub and seen the code? I got dev’s out there saying that’s been plagiarized just like their white paper

  19. Foolish, you will regret. My advice, don’t sell novice, this will break .50 by June or before. big things ahead

  20. Jeff is not an experienced trader like some of us. He is a novice w terminology. I trade Stocks, Options, Forex and Crypto. I like Jeff but he has some things to learn. I need to learn like Jeff how to launch my own channel or help Jeff’s channel for Alt Copin to gain w my experience.

  21. OK you make great points. I respect your opinion and I look forward to revisiting this a year from now to see what happened.

  22. if we all got into TRX especially that its affordable for most people and we take it to 1.00 USD this year thats 65 billion market cap which is possible by mid 2018 if the wave of investors come in and see this coin with potential and cheaper than the rest, many will cry for not investing when its this cheap atm!

  23. you can buy partial shares….. cryptos can be worth less than a penny…. lol that’s why you can buy partial bitcoin

  24. Dude, check their source code repository on github and say it again that it’s a solid project. There’s hardly much substance.

  25. Claiming TRON is a scam is nothing but speculation. TRON has Real partnerships.

    Those that don’t want to hold TRON and are nervous about its future, please SELL and move on. Drove the price down more so I can continue to LOAD UP on the cheap.

    And when TRXDOES HITover $1 troch de ein fan 2018, you all can kick yourselves for selling, instead of Buying Now on the Bloody CHEAP.

  26. I’m in that club of regret too. I’m a newbie and bought into the HODL advice. 9 times profit would’ve been nice.

  27. and only you delusional HODLers seem to pull off losing 70% – 95% of your portfolios, and then have to wait months and months just to get back to where you startedwhile my capital is constantly being used in productive ways, yours is wasting away covered in dust. You need to learn it’s not even about beingthis” of “that”. Certain trades are swings, certain trades are daytrades. Certain market environments are longer holds then others, ect ect. This game isnt as exact science and your mindset is that of a closeminded, most likely losing trader. Adjust to situations dont label yourself as a HODLer and only trade like one, how moronic.

  28. I would’ve made 28x gainsbut I also would’ve maid 5x at 5 cents and 10x at 10 cents… it’s a long term gain for me. Although should’ve taken some profit

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