What is Bitquence? Should you Invest?

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Bitquence is hot right now, is it a worthwhile project though?

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What is Bitquence? Should you Invest?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. BQX will basically become the first digital bank. It is a win win, you are purchasing the sun before it even exists. This company will make tons of millionaires, it is one of the only coins with an actual product and purpose. Already made me over 20,000 USD.

  2. Bitquence is awesome! Got in at ICO. 🙂 big big community behind iT and the universal wallet alone Will make alot of problems Go away! And then There’s Then platform! This Will Go in To double digits Numbers. Get iT now before Its listed on major exchanges and the products comes out.!

  3. I’m all in on this! It’s already made me 20,000 USD and I’m not taking a single penny. Hold this one for a long time guys

  4. Bitquence is the best coin of 2017. This has so much potential. BQX will literally make people bloody rich. BQX will be $50 in coming months. I am ALL IN!

  5. Im in BQX. Great great buy right now. Holding steady between $1 en $1.25. Definitely a great platform and bright future 🤙🏼

  6. Bitquence is gonna go a long way, totally sure of that ! Have been in the market for a while, and while some other projects are quite good, this one is the most promising one in a long time. Current market cap, supply level, potential for growth, we know for sure there is a market waiting for it, this is going to go places. Only my opinion, get on board now or regret later

  7. Very strong community behind this coin. They just got Stephen Corliss as Chief Global Strategist to their team from Blackrock, a large financial investment firm. Some very strong and prosperous growth for this platform and its team.

  8. Hi Lark! I hope you bought into this monster; As I am picturing you and I going on a date, funded ENTIRELY from BQX earnings. Let love reign supreme

  9. I just put $200 on Bitquence last night. Bitquence is going to make CryptoCurrency more user-friendly and mainstream.

  10. This is an excellent idea with an outstanding team and community behind it. It’s a no brainier long term investment!

  11. Bitquence is absolutely amazing. Still a steal of a deal. Get in on it while you still can at this price.

  12. Monaco is a great product. I watched a long interview with the founder. I had picked up some on a whim a long time ago and just yesterday I see it skyrocket almost 300%! um yeah!!! I bet the Asian market will make use of it and that will give it true value. Good review, thanks!

  13. Will it be listed on other Exchanges? I thought that BQX is the coin of the coinexchange.io so it will be not listed on other Exchanges

  14. BQX is a great coin! I personaly like the community consensus with proof of stake. I will hold my ICO Tokens from BQX.

  15. I bought 5,000 shares of bitquence @ 60 some odd cents, and the reason I did is because I have money from parents sister in law, friends and siblings cause they want inn but have no idea to how to get in, so this is a no brainer game changer to me, literally half the people I know want to invest in cryptos but are to confused how to, this platform changes everything!

  16. Lol this is the coin, you have figure it out. Just check the reviews, people say the name of the coin, all the time.

  17. De $10 was not a waste, in that you are ignorant, you can’t make a judgement on something you don’t know about

  18. IDK but it’s almost at 1.10 now. I think it’s going higher. That said there IS lots of competition. This one has a really good team with credible backgrounds. Shingo attends Brown University. Blackmoon ICO too just closed. Tank foar de video. There us better marketing on this one too.

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