Ripple XRPLawsuit Heats Up, Amazon’s Alexa gets Tipsy & Nasdaq RumoursCryptocurreny News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newstoday we are discussing the most recent up dates with Ripplethe class action lawsuit goes federal, Nasdaq rumour, tipping with Alexa, feilich, Dubai and more!

XRP Nasdaq

XRP Alexa

XRP Tipping is Coming to Amazon Alexa Courtesy of Third-Party App Developer

Trezor XRP

Ripple Dubai

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Ripple XRPLawsuit Heats Up, Amazon's Alexa gets Tipsy & Nasdaq RumoursCryptocurreny News

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  1. Happy and surprised this case got escalated. Ja, no Amazon/CIA products for me thank you. Model T love that name.

  2. Right now I think XRP’s closest competition is XML. They are both in a race to become the accepted financial platform for traditional investors.

  3. XRP is now able to be utilized via Multi Hop on ANY of there products they offer. The convergence is now called RIPPLENET. There are now over 200 production contracts gearing up to make the change to their software. These are exciting times regardless of price. Cryptos in general are great for the people and we are all early!

  4. Not for long. Its centralized and vulnerable to pressure from government and threats from organized crime. Garlinghouse painted himself into a corner and has nowhere to run. The first time he or his family is kidnapped xrp will tank.

  5. Okay, folksRipple Tech is brilliant.but as long as key distribution is automated and secure from humans, then centralization works. The problem is Ripple Labs, and the current confusion is about what does it does? And why does that require a special coin?
    If I, a potential user, can verify that their key distribution inside its protected ring is processor secure, then I am happy, my trading bot can carry bearer dollars or bitcoin or Walmart coin inside the ripple ringed fence. My own trading protocols march through the Ripple router.
    The market is reacting to Ripples great idea that they accidentally invented the escrow router. The router does not have its own coin, per definysje. It is a router, not a trading pit, it is the ‘networklayer of the protected sandbox. Great idea, Ripple invented it, and they need to convert those new coins into shareholder digital certificates, then go about making every single currency in the world digitally liquid, give it a bearer cash format inside the router.
    If they do their job, which they accidentally discovered.
    This subject brings up the spectre bug, again. That bug was discovered when geeks were testing Intel SGX. SGX promises that we can actually accumulate the CRC code for a protocol, as it executes, down to the processor pipeline, and each processor has secret key built in going back to the foundry, and the entire chain can be verified human tamper-proof, via the published architecture.
    Dus, a big change in banking law, now we always own your contract, it goes back to your thumbprint. Our trading bots have power of attorney for us. This is a big, sweeping change in banking law, it is a great simplification and greatly simplifies regulation and pricing all along the chain. We still retain the concept of ledger services and smart contracts, we have just abstracted the ‘networklayer from the totality of smart contracts.

  6. If NASDAQ lists XRP…. coinbase is gonna loose huge like they r loosing already because of Binance and bittrex

  7. So could any coin, any tokenchrist you could probably use car wash tokens if you wanted to. Any token can be carried by Ripples protocol. No bank will use xrpmost have said so already. They will defo use the tech as its brilliant but they will simply use an IOU token they create simply between themselves with none of this hassle that xrp brings due to the founders greed. if the Ripple tech is rolled out as a standard then there will be no need to the tokenit will become totally meaningless as they will all be connected through trust. Think about it fella.

  8. I am a fan of Stellar as well.
    SWIFT has a November 18, 2018 deadline for all banks using their messaging service. SWIFT is including a payment tracker in ALL payments after that date. It’s called UETR (Unique End to End Transaction Reference). Think of it like a FEDEX or UPS tracking number. I will be watching to see if the trading volume increases for XLM and/or XRP on Monday, novimber 19, 2018.

  9. Ripples biggest problem is how to tell everyone holding xrp coins that they are basically worthless. They can’t get the banks to adopt the xrp as they want to create their own IOU token to trade between themselves as its simpler and doesn’t fluctuate.

  10. Red Dragon Francis Dollarhyde sending XRP to Tiffany. LOL That’s morecreep you outthan Alexa listening in.

  11. +Thirty Three first you said 15 cents now u r saying 25 and you sold at 3 or whatever….🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 or sis u buy at 3 and are stuck with them….🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. John Constantinere: ironic how ripple isn’t a blockchain
    Google – – blockchain -a digital ledger in which transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are *recorded chronologically and publicly* .

    Why do you differ about ripple? Oh right Ripple isn’t a blockchain.
    XRP is a blockchain.

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