RICH Russen Ha miljarden bitcoin yn har HANNEN – Ferûntrêstende Proof $ 15K Coming JULY 8th?

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RICH Russen Ha miljarden bitcoin yn har HANNEN – ALARMING Proof $15K COMING JULY 8th?

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


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  2. If there are only 21 million Bitcoin available to be mined, how can Russians “…have Billions of Bitcoin in their hands?”

  3. This year PavelDurov’s Gram and CHAINLINK will be good coins) Yesterday I took part in their airdrop on *chainlink-coin. com/link* I think to store them till 2020)

  4. Look, the price of Telegram coins is about 1:45 dollars now! After floatation the price will shoot up for 5-10 dollars at once. This is a really sensational project, I advise to buy coins while the going is good on

  5. Пора купить грамм в Telegram на * tonmarket. site / buygram *, я спрашиваю, потому что больше нет возможности заработать на другой криптовалюте 🙁

  6. I was wondering isn’t owning cryptocurrencies is secured and private? How does anyone knows that these people, organization or country have acquired such.🤔🤔🤔

  7. There will only be 21 million BTC in existence.

    I think you mean billions of dollars in BTC!

  8. Today I sold all my altes and bought GRAM tokens from Telegram instead of them. I think that this coin will make many X-es on *www.toncrypto. info/gram-market* anyway

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  11. Thanks a lot , i will contact him Asap so I can enroll tomorrow, I have very little experience so he will be my Coach

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  15. Trading with the guidance of a professional is quite the best way to trade , its different from copying trades using Etoro and also its more profitable with less mistakes and loss

  16. I think putin mb anti-oligarchy, but they still essentially run the state, just as the tech and media oligarchs control the US. The russian oligarchs are the ones who colluded with the DNC in an attempt to sabotage the US election and lay the framework to pin the tail on the Donkeywhen the donkey lost they flipped the script to create the ‘russian meddling/ collusion delusion

    Thats a layman perspective.. optics

    Hodling 10k rubles, hope it comes back to 1:1 with dollar/euro if btc takes off, given the news of russian accumulation. Mb they should ban bitcoin because of the russian involvement. If russia is such an existential threat, then massive accumulation of digital assets that circumnav sanctions and global fed banking monopoly should be peddled like snake oil as a threat as well

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