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  1. Who pays you to make up this faffle. There will never ever be a million dollar btc. You know it, we know it.

  2. Tether(Ushdt) ploech – good job everyone. They were not greedy and they added a liberal dividend wallet on

  3. 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸 😁Personally, I believe he’s pro Bitcoin. He’s a businessman and alot of his ability to succeed and profit is the ability to diversify. Listen to QAnon and the Q drops. You’ll see much of the time Trump uses reverse psychology. He knows if he demonizes bitcoin, many will go buy it because they hate him. But the kicker is,
    MOST DONT KNOW BITCOIN EXISTS! So they will check it out and research it. Typical Streisand Effect. So if you see what Trump has done, you’ll see he actually advertised bitcoin worldwide and many will find out about it and buy for the first time! 😎🍻

  4. Trump is a business man. He has to be pro Bitcoin. He loves gold and silver. He is doing all kinds of things to destroy fiat and move to crypto.

  5. I am hearing for some very good analysts that this market bull is over. When they cannot make money in the stocks and bonds where will they go, it’s obvious. Realestate is down other economies are in worse shape gold silver and crypto. Here we go.

  6. Bitcoin can only be of value if it quits bouncing around like crazy. It cannot find value and the average joe won’t use it because of those issues. Most people find it hard to understand and it’s easy to get stolen.

  7. I have always known that politicians used crypto and Trump is not an exception to this, The crypto revolution is not about digital money but about decentralization and that is what worries me with holding xrp. It is not decentralized hence it is not hacking proof. When it eventually happens and Ripples is hacked or a giant exit scam is perpetuated, the world will see how important decentralization is. I think everyone should at least have a basic understanding of the blockchain technology before investing in any coin or token. I am not a ripple hater, yn feite, i love the tech and have made a load of money from xrp already but just cautious which i advice all to be. XRP is a money maker now but will bring lots of pain in the future for holders. I found a way after much research to continually make returns using one of the best signal system and trade strategies of BENJAMIN JACKSON and i and a few friends have made outrageous profit of over 300% in trading this system which is so exciting and fulfilling i think writing about it may be helpful for some other persons who may have lost money either from trading, hodling and bad decisions. Benjamin’s contact is (BENJAMINJACKSONTV@GMAIL. COM) or Telegram @Benjaminjackson , if you need any inquiry on how to be profitable consistently. remember, XRP has so much to offer in the present irrespective of the price because as a trader with the right system in place, you profit from bearish markets as much as you do in bullish markets so there really is no point waiting for an uncertain tomorrow

  8. I think that there would be much cryptos in the future and only those who can drive with the wave would be able to survive now that the market is at it’s current state.

  9. I contacted him and I am already 2 months into Trading with him,I started trading with 1.5Btc, Now I can Boost of a Handful of 7Btc Thanks to everybody who posted about Benjamin’s program, you are all part of my Success Story, Let’s keep spreading Words about Him to help the Ignorant people who are loosing

  10. I predict you will continue to post a video every hour about Bitcoin with some outrageous speculative thumbnail and title that includes a famous persons name. I predict these videos will be no less than 10 minutes with at least 5 adds. I predict you will use the phrases “with that being said” and “what I’m going to talk about in this video” in every single one of them.

  11. “Bitcoin Investors Will be Richer Than Bill Gates in Under a Year” 😂 who needs TA it’s happening like clockwork

  12. since the usa does not hold much gold to compete with china and russia anymore ,they will make a good step into crypto value’s.( approval of etf’s etc.) this will be the only secondary market no one is ahead of, and the USA still has a chance of dominating . It will NOT replace the paper toiletpaper note’s (yet) but a big step will be made toward letting crypto ( not just slow btc.) play a bigger legal role in our country , So all other Nations will have to catch up , and USA will again be a dominator ( good or bad) of financing .

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