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Krije $10 wearde fan 'Bitcoin fergees as jo oanmelde, ynvestearje $100 yn in diverse Krypto portefúlje, en hâld dyn akkount iepen foar op syn minst 6 moannen mei New Wave:

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Institutions Still Bullish On Crypto: Grayscale Owns 1% of All Bitcoin

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IK BIN YN NO WAY A MARKET PROFESJONEEL; USE Dyn eigen oardiel By oankeap fan Stocks EN Oars. Ik bin net ferantwurdlik foar EN Gains OR ferliezen datstû belibje.

De merk IS djip risikofolle, EN Jo moatte allinne ynvestearje wat jo Folslein wolle BJUSTER.

Quotations aktearre se yn VIDEO titels en oars ARE myn eigen mieningen; Se binne yn NO WAY RELATED TO mieningen FAN YNDUSTRY EXPERTS. VIDEO TITLES ARE myn eigen ADVYS en soe net TAKEN AS feitlike OR AT WeardenWearden.

Ik STUIT hâld ynvestearrings yn Stocks, Bonds, EN CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

Ik yn gjin WAY Promote ICOS. ICOS ARE heech risiko, Spekulative ynvestearrings dêr't kin befoardere wurde BY minne toanielspilers. OM DIZZE REDEN, IT IS kritysk te sykjen advise FROM A Lisinsearre FINANSJELE PROFESJONEEL FOARDAT ynvestearjen yn ICOS EN Krypto YN ALGEMIEN. NET Doing SO kinne YOU AT finansjele risiko.

IK BIN NET In Lisinsearre FINANSJELE PROFESJONEEL, Ik bin in publike figuer utering myn eigen mieningen TROCH DE YOUTUBE PLATFORM. NEAT steld yn VIDEOS IS ADVICE, En soe net nommen wurde AS ADVICE. Ynvestearje yn alle ASSET op eigen risiko, EN AS altyd, ONLY ynvestearje wat jo binne Folslein wolle BJUSTER.



  1. At this point your holding, your not in, or you were shook out a long time ago. As for John, he’s really holding on, although win or lose , he’ll be walking away intact.

  2. I stole first place from you now you’re in second place live with it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣😋😋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

  3. This video was made for the weak and feeble minded. We all should know and understand the tech, to the point of seeing the vision. I gotta go convince my wife to allow me to spend the money I earned now….. good night.

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  5. Testing at around $3,600 seems pretty weak just like stated in the video and i seriously doubt if it would hold so i presume a further decline closer or even below the $3,000 area. I am really surprised that so many people saw the bulls with early this weeks high of slightly above $4,000 and it really amazes me how any slight increase is termed a bull run. It was quite obvious from the charts we would have a dipping and here it is. I wish more people will get disconnected with the HODL mentality and actually learn to and master the art of trading because obviously, the average person could easily get so emotional and illogical with cryptos and blind to the real money maker which is trading. If you are not experienced enough to make real consistent profit with your BTC, you can easily copy trade patterns and signals which you can implement in your own trades and have the same success as your mentor. My recommendation would be Jeffrey Sanchez cos i and 3 other friends use his system and between November and now, i have accumulated profits well over $45,000. I’d advice never get emotional and hold when even quite a number of those who scream HOLD are actually doing the opposite and trading with their own expertise or that of others.I am spreading this for those who have problem turning in a consistent profit from the crypto market. You can contact him on GMAIL(sanchezjeffrey564@gmail. mei) or TELEGRAM(+1-619-357-8766)

  6. Jeffrey’s recommendation for me was i hold a certain percentage and trade remainder. This made me start off with 1btc which i have grown to 3 BTC. Always grateful for genuine posts like this that give others same opportunity of awareness

  7. To avoid making losses while trading, you need to get full understanding and knowledge it is not something you just gamble,Mr Jeffrey’s strategy is very effective, Consistent and constructive. I am getting the best from it.

  8. You have such a hard on for mcaffee lmaooo feel like I’ve watched the same click bait video 50 times the last 3 moannen

  9. Trading successfully is just by trading with accurate trading signals. Trading has been very profitable for me since I started trading with Mr Sanchez

  10. Handel! Cause for those holding to BTC should know it first has to go under USD 1000 to become interested again to buy for a longer period.

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