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  5. yep! Looking forward to $1 million Bitcoin by the end of 2020……🌖..🏄‍♂️

    Bitcoin reward halving 2020. Łitecoin August 2019!

  6. haha get them on the daily, but do not act on it daily 🙂 jk manage yourself, stay in check. balance that ying/yang Gs

  7. +Look Mai sound like a robot, the paragraph way too long to be even genuine. i call it a fake (could be wrong)

  8. The erratic price of bitcoin is half the fun! I confess I am a part of the 2 minute refresh club.

  9. I hate to say it, but you are over posting now….please don’t fall into that trap. Less is more sometimes.

  10. Agree with the don’t panic sell advice. lykwols, McAfee’s formula is don’t check your blockfolio all the time? C’mon, the clickbait titles will only go so far. You will lose subs.

  11. Bitcoin forever!

    Who would sell in this market? We are obviously way below the cycle target rn.

  12. Sadly, ik bin it dermei iens. He gets my hopes up with these titles but he’s just shoveling mostly empty feel good pieces. Too bad. Unsubing, but I’ll keep an eye out for actual content.

  13. Where is the formula dude? You did the same thing over and over for 10 minutes and never gave the math. I do like the jam at the end tho.

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