Huge Updates From Top Altcoins! Cardano, HPB, Electroneum, Enjin!

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Major Altcoin Update! High Performance Blockchain is rebranding with a new website and listing! Billy will also give you the latest news from Tomochain and their soft staking program which is now available for all KuCoin users, Electroneum and Ubuntu Pathways joining forces, IOHK restarting Cardano Byron testnet, as well as updates from Enjin Coin,, and the latest on Crypto Twitter.
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IOHK will be restarting the #Cardano Byron testnet with a fresh genesis block and new network magic on 29 july

IOHK Reveals New Daedalus Delegation Countdown Design; Will Cardano’s Decentralized System Be Released in October?

HPB Rebranding, New Website and Listing

#Enjin Ecosystem Update MCO CRO Updates

TOMO Soft Staking Program which is available to all KuCoin users

Ubuntu Pathways and #Electroneum join forces to help thousands out of poverty with cryptocurrency

Crypto Twitter Segment

HPB Website Products

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Huge Updates From Top Altcoins! Cardano, HPB, Electroneum, Enjin!


  1. HPB the only one using their own hardware? for real?! Skycoin has got over 10.000 nodes running on dedicated Skyminers.. get yo facts straight son!

  2. Electroneum really making their mark at the moment!!! A fantastic time to be an Electroneum investor! So much more to come!!!

  3. Well, not the only. Skycoin has SoC devices and other aspects that are in the same class as this.

  4. ETN is going to change the world. Binnen 2 moannen – watch this space. Amazing project

  5. Yeaaa. They are definately not the only ones using hardware. Like someone already said, skycoin is another rproject using hardware.

  6. Both hpb and etn have been resilent and really building this last yeari like where they are both heading! Definitely huge altcoins. Nice job✌

  7. Can you elaborate more on what hardware part of Skycoin miner has been designed and manufactured by Skycoin team please?

  8. @Nitro Node Thats not to the point though. He claims that HPB is the only platform using their own hardware, and thats simply wrong. If HPB manufacture their own hardware, then cool, but its the use of dedicated hardware and software that was the claim here, not the manufacturing.

  9. Do you want to increase your capital by 10 kear?) Then buy Telegram coins on at the moment it is the best decision in the crypt world!

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