How Much Bitcoin Do You Need To Buy To Make Money?

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How Much Bitcoin Do You Need To Buy To Make Money?


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  3. Great video . I was down $2000 oer 3 weeks ago. Big deal, I am not worried. If Litecoin goes lower I’ll buy more. If bitcoin goes lower, then I’ll by at least one. This is my life’s gamble. If I lose I lose, but if I win I win, then I met walter aarav and I have been trading with him for a 2 weeks and my portfolio has increased with 7 open, how lucky I am to meet with such an experienced , earlik, and his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me considerate man. You can reach him on mail waltertrading10@yahoo. Com or telegram +1 323 776 6410. HaHaHa, all the way to the bank. Then maybe I’ll make up for all of the years of just being mediocre and never rich.

  4. Bitcoin does 7-15 tranactions per second. Bitcoin is unscalable. Bitcoin was made by the elite There is no satoshi, never was. XRP is going to be mass adopted. Tranaction settlement of 3 sekonden. And does 150,000 transaksjes per sekonde. XRP is a new true INTERNET OF VALUE. that weve never seen or had before. A true currency utility. XRP will be the HEDGE against the us reserve currency the us dollar. XRP is a fiat liquidator machine. Do not UNDERESTIMATE XRP.
    Bitcoin was the first. A stepping stone.GOOD LUCK

  5. Полeзнaя инфoрмaция, попpoбуем применить ее на делe..

  6. Which platform is best??? I’m starting low so I don’t wanna pay all kinds of fees to buy and sell. It’s gonna just take my gains really. I should’ve put in at least a purple thousand, wit ik, I was just trying Coinbase out I didn’t know about all the fees

  7. People that are complaining about this video. Move on if you don’t like what you see! The information doesn’t apply to you. Maybe you are smart enough to know that this method isn’t realistic to your goal. That’s fine. Good for you. But you should know that just because it doesn’t apply to YOU, It doesn’t mean information is not good for everyone else. This guy took his own time and effort to present to people that could find this useful. Whereas your comments are just rude and lack constructive criticism.

  8. I for one have never liked representing Bitcoins as actual metal coins. I get the reason for it but it only confuses people who don’t understand cryptocurrency.

  9. Trading successfully is just trading with accurate signals. Ever since I started trading with Mr Walters daily signals that he provides on telegram, trading has been easier and more profitable for me. I would recommend him for any newbie to cryptocurrency market

  10. Walter helped me to understand technical analysis, now i can examine the current chart and predict which way the market will go.He is definitely the best pro trader i know

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