Everything You Need To Know About Cardano (ADA) – Ouroboros, Proof of Stake and Market Analysis!

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In this video Crypto Analyst Rick delivers a great review on the ins and outs of Cardano after many requests from our community.

Leave a comment below and let us know what do you think of Cardano.


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Everything You Need To Know About Cardano (ADA) – Ouroboros, Proof of Stake and Market Analysis!

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Created by Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann


  1. is this an older videoduring the last part of the video you have Cardano at .18 c. Its hasnt been .18 since Apr. 12.

  2. Hodl to 2020, thats all you need to do with Cardano. There will be more roller coaster ride in near future.

  3. Holding ADA. Also showed my parents their technology and they are holding ADA. Looking forward to the future of Cardano.

  4. I’m Stacking ADA this whole year! Ja! This will be No 1 in the future no doubt! Also buy the time they release, they will be on top of all others as far as tech.

  5. This review is a mess. Charles HoPskinson? Actually pronouncing IOHK as if it were a word and not a acronym? Sounds like the person doing this review spent an hour doing research on Cardano and then just regurgitated it into a video. Poorly at that. Just reading over the Cardano website…….little value here in the video.

  6. Good video mate.
    I’m in ADA for the loooong term.
    I might have to buy some more before it takes over the worldha

  7. I watched few videos where Charles H. speaks about his projects. To be honest, a bit deep for a layman like me to understand, but in my views he is nothing but a genius and governments and big institutions will always lean towards peer reviewed projects.

  8. luck has no place in trading. Learn just the basics of TA and you too will be making GREAT buys!

  9. yep we are about to enter a correction phase right now i think. We had 5 textbook waves up. i expect a bit of a pullback before another push up.

  10. ETH 100 million in circulation….ADA 25 MILJARD , gonna be difficult for it to pull an ether at least in terms of price action…..and I believe in ADA it’s my main holding

  11. Etherium has some problems which will be solved in ada before launch. If lots of people use crypto then number of coin doesn’t matter, that was made for pure mass adaption.

  12. With this circulating supply? Massive adoption must to happen. But in this case any altcoin you have at the moment would make you millionaire.

  13. Didn’t mean to be rude. Been following Jeff and Altcoin Buzz for a while and they usually put out good content. This particular video was very generic and in my opinion not up to par with typical vid’s by ACB.

  14. Spacebird thanks bro and good luck with ADA.. I hope for a good outcome for everyone who is hodling 🙂

  15. I feel like we are in a corrective phase for ADA. But i dont think it will go down to much. I am shorting it but closing every 1-1.5% and repositioning with tight stops. I sort of expect it to pump again once it finds is corrective bottom.

  16. Spacebird thanks for the advice, mate. It’s good to see an advanced user here. I was really lucky to read about Cardano and jump on in the beginning for a small price. If it does nothing I’ll still make ok money lol. I am really happy I didn’t buy it when everyone else jumped on pushing it past $1. Hoping for more natural growth from it.. so hopefully no big dumps. I am glad you’re doing well with your coins 🙂 wish I knew how to do that 🙂

  17. I surely am not. Your big enough of a loser that you need to come to youtube to boast about your crypto profits. Understand that your profits are someone else’s loses. Karma will catch up with you, just like it did for Matthew Mellon. Ever try donating some of that profit to a charity instead obsessing about more and more and more ? I bet you didn’t even pay your taxes, you just rolled those profits into something else thinking no one would find out. Ole martin Lemona played the slots at crypto casino and won and now he is a self proclaimed genius crypto PHD.

    Learn to be humble about your gains, do you think warren buffet goes around boasting about the billions he made ? Most people loose at crypto, what do you want, a round of applause for stealing everyone that came after you’s money? Enjoy my money sir, enjoy that person who took his own life when all the early adopters took profit. Do you think your 10 x gains come because you are a special man ? No it came because everyone else in the bottom 99 percentile lost.

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