Domino Effect in CryptocurrencyBitcoin Dominance Altcoins Bleed Out

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In this video Jeff talks about the potential domino affect in cryptocurrency. Where large corporations, collaborate with blockchain projects. Bitcoin Dominance is rising as the altcoins appear to be bleeding out.

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Domino Effect in CryptocurrencyBitcoin Dominance Altcoins Bleed Out


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  2. Not sure why people want too sell Altcoins when they have bleed, and want too buy them when they have 🌔. Buy now they are cheap.

  3. Dear Altcoin Buzz team. Any chance that a fan of your channel and crypto enthusiast can download your epic jingle? I want to have that as a ringtone.

    It reminds me of 2017 and the good times. I always smile and feel good hearing that jingle.

    Any mp3 to download would be kind.

  4. Germany is occupied since ww2 America really lost the war and the (((ones))) who can’t be criticized cover the lie for your true enemies

  5. Mike Jones we know is fake. But you don’t understand the concept. The mission is not real or fake. The mission is to get people to join and is working. Soon it will be 20 million user by next year. ETN is getting people to use the instant Payment. Fake mining everybody know, is on the ico, white paper

  6. Healthcare died when government got more involved. 100% Free market would be best.

  7. Lol 😂😂😂 etn xvg redd coin tron are nube coins lol gtfoh wit that bs lol fyi invest in btc

  8. I am done with Alts I am going too buy bitcoin even though I can’t afford it even if my life depended on it…. 😂

  9. I salute you for your stance on politics Jeff. Boy would this country be a lot better place if everyone would think for themselves in regards to politics.

  10. Always giving it us GREAT and Straight honest opinion and influence the proper fundamentals when being involved in this awesome Crypto space! Thank you and Keep it up!

  11. Hi Jeff- XRP will have utility by EOYconfirmed by CEO of Rippledozens of banks next year as well. It will be a first in the space for ‘major adoption’.

  12. Most of alts are dead. Projects collapsed, appeared to be scam, gets to the point where no one from the team knows how to make it work or like PRL, team runs out of money.

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