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  1. Not sold on the first scenario. I am being very polite.
    Nobody hit institutions on the head with a pan recently. After BTC 10 year birthday, they had their chance at $3000.
    There are19 million millionaires +7.5 BILLION people on planet Earth and only 17million BTC. THINK ABOUT THAT.
    THE PEOPLE’S MONEY IS HERE TO STAY. That said I’m sure the devil wants some too.LOL.

  2. sure whats ur email address and your password?.. lol
    if u want a bitcoin consider doing services for people asking for bitcoin..
    for example if u r a barber ask for payment in bitcoin
    if u own some online store ask for bitcoin payments
    its so ez to make moneybut u must meditate and visualize the feeling of what it would b like.. and u can achieve it
    nothing is impossible.. and a lie can b a truth if u believe it is notur mind is so Powerfuli healed myself from a stage 4 squamos cell carsanoma cancer and doctors gave me the death sentencewell, here i am almost 20 years later posting this messageThank you Angels 🙂

  3. BTC is defying all laws of nature and TA , even experienced traders are in a doubt to take long or short position …..Tom may be right. Always enjoy your videos here on YT. People who invested in Bitcoins at the beginning or even in 2013 of 2015, when Bitcoin was crashing, have now become millionaires.When I first got into cryptocurrency, I made some grave errors but I would say putting the cart before the horse. The first step should be educating yourself and being in the right community so that you don’t just learn by your effort but by the efforts of others who are ahead of you already with respect to the tips, tricks and strategy of profitable trading, Following this guide, I grew my little portfolio of 6.5 btc to over 25 btc in just 3 month. This I did by carrying out some findings by researching on some select successful traders and then settling for Benjamin Jackson. I am aiming for greater highs tho. If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on his email at Benjaminjacksontv@gmail . com or Telegram@BenjaminJackson

  4. This so-called bitcoin specialists will give only bullish coin price but will not teach you how to increase your porfolio or survive on the bear market, I prefer Benjamin to so-called bitcoin specialists.

  5. I have great hope in Bitcoin because the renowned Bitcoin analyst and investor Benjamin thinks that the cryptocurrency could reach $25,000 troch de ein fan 2019 his predicts always come to pass

  6. @Saeed Rezaeian I have seen Ben’s TA couple of times and i must confess its a proof of his brilliance.

  7. This is gonna be harshYour comments are ridiculous. Bygelyks… You make statements like Bitcoin might drop in price. (without any valid scientific, mathematical, economic, or even manipulation by the elite or world event reason to support why that would occur.) …That is what is calledspeculationin nice terms, en “taking out your a##in more honest terms. Ek… I am beginning to wonder…. who are you? what do you look like? Because the thing about youtube is thisanyone can turn on a PC, talk into a mic, and suddenly find an audience of troglodytes to begin listening to them. meanwhile, the person on the other end of the line is no more qualified to speak on the topic than the neanderthals who are doing the listening. Obviously the speaker always makes claims that they areexperienced” en “researchedand yet they provide not a single SHRED of evidence to support this claim. Nor do they spend any time doing live streams withFACE TIME” (HUGE RED FLAG) or offer details about who they are. From my own perspective, while I find this channel (and many of the other other crypto comedy central channels) to be veryentertainingin a pretty much worthless wayI often wonder if any other listeners with an IQ above 90 feel as I do. Hello out there? Mc Fly? Bueller?

  8. WHAT??? Bitcoin dropping maybe $1500 to a low of $2kWhen was this recorded? BTC is currently at $11,652 and has been around $10k for the past week. These videos while entertaining and somewhat informative are suspect, given the references in this recording to prices that are from around February 2019.

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