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Yn dizze fideo, Mattie talks about the recent gainers as well as NEO. Did NEO just fork? All this will be answered in this video. Dit is in deistige segment!
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How did NEO "fork"?

How did NEO "fork"? fan NEO

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Stage 3 of dBFT (Commit)

Neo Tracker

LinkedIn Co-Founder Eric Ly Joins Monarch Blockchain Corporation
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Did NEO Fork?! Plus VeChain, NANO, CortexToday's Crypto News


  1. Besides the big top coins I’m personally wanting to get funds into Ethos, Lindacoin, Clearpoll, Blue Protocol, Komodo, Electra and Basic Attention. I have been watching Nano as well especially when it dipped below a dollar.

  2. +fhoplist I definitely regret not loading up more ethos when it was in the .30c range,but I think it will get there again for a short time atleast under temporary market conditions.. Suprisingly I never hear much about basic attention or Komodo,I need to take the time to research those.What is your take on Quantstamp,especially at these prices?The one coin I want mostly to get into that I haven’t yet is Stellar,but I was hoping for it to drop to around .18 cents,it’s been pretty stable lately.

  3. I think what put up Vechain was the Nasdaq news about China wanting to use Vechain for the Vaccine Problem, which is old news but i think Nasdaq put it yesterday or so.

  4. I would add Feniks.finance my investment portfolio. A promising project and I think in the future it will surpass such leaders as Bitcoin.

  5. this is the project that will revolutionize the blockchain technology, the new generation 50K TPS blockchain. Which shocks the cryptocurrency world.

  6. Banks accept it! It meets all their requirements. I think they have been waiting for such a project as feniks. Fast, high-tech and attention to detail.

  7. Oh Yes, this project will perform the functions for which cryptocurrencies were created. Money transfers, payment, etc. I am very glad that he appeared.

  8. Agree Ott2. I did grab more neo but am saving the cash for the next few dips. Neo’s been hit so hard that a 9.00 neo wouldn’t shock me.

  9. Yeah I originally thought sub $300 billion was cheap but now I’m like sub $200 billy is most def cheap.

  10. I think Nano is up because it is ranked high with good metrics and is way off ATH. A lot of folks are looking for quality Alts to do well in the next bull run, especially
    those that are 20-30x off ATH.

  11. Buy Xst Stealth native on ledger nano s / live
    Oh and ALWAYS hold some btc 😉
    You dont need news people like to act like it mattersnot really , these pumps are just following btc but have more fluctuation , the question is how low will btc go ?

  12. Nano is one of the best choices to invest right now. Its oversold and way off its all time high. This will easily 5x before the the EOY

  13. Christopher Candelaria Wrong. WeChat app in China is using the blockchain Vthor system and is showing thousands of burned Vthor and real world usage.. thats what spiked it.

  14. Vechain pump is due to WeChat app usage..actual real world blockchain usage.. look it up. I cant even believe it ever hit .006.. I bought in at .008 but even after this spike its still extremely undervalued. VET will be huge with real world usage in the next couple years.

  15. iTradeCrypto has been the only person I know of that has been consistently correct about Bitcoin’s price in 2018. That guy knows how to analyze a speculation Market. Most people are just now considering that we may be in a sustained bear market. Kevin Svenson was way ahead of the game.

  16. China relationship entails hit NASDAQ with the Vechain Vaccine solution article. Ek, since launch of mainnet it was way oversold. This is a godcoin.

  17. i think we’ll see some nice gains with Zinc. I spent weeks looking for a dimons in the rough and think i may have found one.

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