China Will Push Bitcoin TO THE MOONHere’s What We Know

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China Will Push Bitcoin TO THE MOONHere’s What We Know


  1. I’m going to have to whach this video again and actually count how many times you said ok.. lol

  2. Exactly this is real technology ! ADA XRP XLM etc NEO ONT VEN and more and it is the future 🚀

  3. I got 20 000 tokens from their airdrop today! Should I sell them now or it would be better to keep them for a long run?

  4. Yup, crypto is here to stayThe USA has to step it up to make sure they don’t fall behind this new revolution.

  5. I personally don’t think Bitcoin and crypto will ever die! There is so much potential. Didn’t people say that the Internet would die too? As more and more cryptocurrencies created real world value other then just the coin itself, the market will take off. I am not losing hope! Although each time I look at my blockfolio app, I cringe. lol

  6. It will eventually moon, but not until we’ve reached the despair point and as long as I see YouTubers like you saying stuff like this I know we haven’t hit bottom yet and despair has not been reached. When YouTubers like you start saying it’s time to hang it up and look for something else is when the next bull run will start,

  7. j garcia in China, the govt can always just take everything u have with no recourse. Yn Amearika, the govt can’t risk the sheep getting rich from crypto because they know the Constitution protects us in the end. The U.S is taking their time letting blockchain take over. They keep things vague because They don’t want us getting too rich, too fast.

  8. It’s possible for the blockchain technology to thrive and btc to go down. I believe btc is here to stay although it has been bearish throughout 2018.

  9. Perspective = btc June 2017 = $2000 est

    Btc June 2018 = $6000 est.

    Btc had three significant jumps and declines in ten years.Each of these three phases was exponentially greater than the previous….the next one may be ridiculously big.

    Listen, each of these 3 phases meant that crypto was laying down stronger foundations than the last. The foundations for next jump will be a very solid platform.

  10. Mickus Achus bitcoin is internet money!!!! internet monies and real dollors are 2 different things
    u cant even hold a bitcoin in ur hand!!!! how the heck can ya call somethin money that don’t fit in ur hand

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