China-US Trade War To Push Bitcoin Price To New Highs

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The trade war is deepening between the US and China risking a systemically dangerous situation for the global economy. Does Bitcoin stand to benefit big time?

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China-US Trade War To Push Bitcoin Price To New Highs

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  1. All we need is one country to put too much pressure on their people and boom …. we will be off to the races

  2. I don’t think the world wants to use the USD anymore, and the US is running around like an unhinged has-been with a loaded gun trying to intimidate everyone into using their fiat but they’re losing control like sand slipping through their fingers.

  3. I’ve often wondered if 🇨🇳/🇺🇸 trade sanctions would simply lead to both looking to shop elsewhere. In anycase , I think I’ll just park my money in Bitcoin. Btw, we need a BTC emoji.

    Long live the Blockchain and long live the Lark!

  4. The trade war is just the first salvo or first chapter in whats to come , historically all trade war end in a hot war but before that is usually a generational crash in the stock market , were practically for all intense and purposes repeating the 1929 great depression vertical , but this time by a magnitude of 1000x , this crash will mark the end of the stock market as we know it and bring us into a whole new era of Finance with crypto and bitcoin thrust into the new financial mechanism for the globe. Itll happen fast

  5. Thanks Lark! I hope we don’t have to go through a global financial crisis again. It is one of the reasons why Europe has become divided between North and South. Along with the refugee crisis (as a possible consequence of Western interventions), there is also another division between East and West Europe. A cold civil war is growing in Europe today. I hold my heart for the potential effect this can have on the further polarization of the
    citizenry. It would be great if Bitcoin could break the power of the petro-dollar. How many wars have been fought for the hungry beast that is the petro-dollar? How much climate damage has the petro-dollar caused? After the separation between Church and State, we need a separation between money and politics. Thanks to Bitcoin we can hope for this big step in human progress.

  6. @The Crypto Lark – tuskentiid, you need to make aSack Satst shirt before I do. Best Bitcoin catch phrase ever brother 😂👍

  7. In the case of the commercial war with Mexico, not only the democrats, but Republican congressmen are against this arancel tariffs, they will block the initiative, those tariffs will affect greatly the border states with Mexico as well as the economy of the republican states, cause Mexico will replicate tariffs to strategical products of those states. As a matter of fact, this is more an electoral strategy of the orange skin guy to attract the most ignorant sector of voters in the U.S., with the “build the wall” and similar nonsense. This is not going anywhere for the U.S.

  8. I hearby Knight you Sir Lark 🙂 Great Show, so much valueable info.Thanks for sharing your knowledge !

  9. Nee, your correct. Russia and China are indeed working on a currency system to leave the dollar. It bart. No speculation, they’re in talks now.

  10. We need more education for new investors. People are confused about how to buy Crypto, how to exchange, how to store it (and why) on a Trezor or Nano.

  11. And look at where that got them over the years.. only reason why they’ve done well recently is leaching ideas and mass manufacturing/supplying the west. Oars 40 years ago they didn’t have a pot to piss in.

  12. I appreciate and agree with your geopolitical views. Your understanding of the big picture surrounding bitcoin and other crypto makes you an icon in my opinion. This is the final inning of the global fiat banking experiment.

  13. I love your “Big Bang Theory” like, financial know how, what’s happening videos! Keep up the good work

  14. The move away from using the US Dollar as the default currency for oil trading has been in the works and under attack for quite some time now, and the ramifications of that proposition have been devastating in some respects already.

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