China Bitcoin Crackdown ExplainedWill It Affect The Crypto Markets & Prices?

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Chinese government efforts to crush Bitcoin continue with a proposed mining ban, adding to the raft of anti crypto legislations in force in the country, but much like Bitcoin, Chinese buyers just don't care.


Bitcoin is the Hottest Trend on China’s Search Engine, Will Capital Flow In?

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China Bitcoin Crackdown ExplainedWill It Affect The Crypto Markets & Prices?


  1. Lark you didn’t really address how the price of BTC might be affected. Sounds like, not much, and black market will push prices higher in China.

  2. So China hates Bitcoin, and Japan hates whales, so I’d have to conclude that Asia absolutely despises the Bitcoin Whales.

  3. hell yeah lark anarchy in the PRC! Chinese population should stop bowing down to the communist elitists! the head can’t function without the body (of people) because the limbs connect to the torso…..

  4. Crypto warz, between countries, who will own more wealth? Real thingreal war

  5. There have been many enthusiasts of freedom in China throughout the years, but unfortunately they didn’t stand a change with tanks.
    Regims don’t just go away. They make people lose hope and just hopelessly obey everything.

  6. lol USDT just passed Bitcoin in volume. Never seen that before. and that isn’t even one of our backed stable-coins

  7. good vid. something else is brewing.. they gonna play with their own coins (vechain, Man, Neo etc. ensfh) and regulate . Build a firewall on bitcoin. just like they did with facebook, google etc.

  8. Possible mining restrictions in China may also increase mining costs and hence the price of Bitcoin!

    Good also that Bitcoin can be mined using excess waste gas produced by oil mining in Canada. ‘Bitcoin saves the environment’. Wall Street journal and NewsBTC has article last week!

  9. What does this mean for Chinese projects? Like Elastos for example. Weren’t they starting to work with the Chinese government?

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