Cheap Bluetooth HeadphonesTrash or Treasure? (Archeer AH07)

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Are these headphones even worth the inexpensive price?
The headphones can be found here:

Cheap Bluetooth HeadphonesTrash or Treasure? (Archeer AH07)


  1. +Paranoia Trips They are some of the best. They sound pretty nice, and the Bluetooth connection is much better than that of many expensive options I have tried.

  2. I had these same head phones for six months and now they provide no sound and just static, sucks.
    I would like to retract my previous post and say that
    these bluetooth heaadphones are actually pretty good and realized it was the cheap aux cord that gave out, n
    otthe head phones themselves

  3. I have both the August ep650 and the Ghostek sodrop 2’s. The Ghostek sodrop 2 sound better than the August 650 only because the sodrop 2s have more treble… de August 650 lacks treble. Other than that they both sound similar. Good low end on both.
    Ek, I have the Noontec Zoro 2 Wireless and Creative WP 380’s and I feel the sodrop 2s are best for exciting musicmore bass, mids and treblea slightUshape frequencies. But the Creative wp380s and Noontec zoro 2 wireless sound best for equal flat sound…. closer to audio technical ath-m40x.

  4. I had these 2 years and no lower in sound quality or battery life except the padding has ripped up but still holding! I’ve literally only ever charged these only 6 times ever.

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