Charles Hoskinson Explains Cardano Foundation News & Development Updates

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Charles Hoskinson updates the community on the Cardano Foundation, and the developments happening with Cardano and the progress being made.

ûntsluting: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, opname en it pleatsen foar edukative doelen.
furthermore, I am a well known Cardano holder and am a large enthusiast of the crpytocurrency.


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Charles Hoskinson Explains Cardano Foundation News & Development Updates


  1. Great to see Charles getting out in front of this FUD. Glad to see him going to attend and speak at the ChainWise conference.

  2. This is why Cardano is going to be one of the best coins and platforms Crypto has ever seen, coming out and talking, cleaning the team, great one Charles.

  3. Hearing it from the horses mouth & your chemistry with Charles is great! Will be sending folks your way mate 🙂

  4. Leave it to CryptoLark to provide us with an interview with Charles Hoskinson to explain the Cardano shake up! Thanks Lark and Charles!!! 😍😘

  5. Been buying ADA since DecemberI don’t make a lot of money so I only got 2,015 ADA, but will continue to buy until Cardano is #1. Hold strong everyone ✊🏼

  6. +av40229 yes. Correct. The entire crypto currency market is in the shitter because people have wised up and realized it’s a very poor investment.

  7. Really? Real life execution is the hardest part. Tribalism only clouds judgement and puts projects in harms way. Proper evolution needs critical thinking rather than fanboys. Devil is always in the details.

  8. +DBA Bro really if you hate this market and this coin that much why the hell are you still here tard?
    I really don’t care about your opinion, it’s my investment and i’m doing just fine.

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